TRUMP EFFECT: DRAMATICALLY Fewer Illegals Crossing Border into U.S.

TRUMP EFFECT: Fewer Illegals Crossing Border into U.S.

What a difference leadership makes, when it comes to illegal immigration. Before a single brick has been put in President Trump’s pending wall, the impact of President Trump is being felt.

According to KRGV, deputies have noticed a sharp decline in illegal border crossings.

illegal-with-2-kidsNEAR MISSION – Local law enforcement said the number of people crossing the border illegally is on the decline.

We met with Hidalgo County Precinct 3 deputy constable Joel Contreras for a ride along in Anzalduas Park on Tuesday. They patrol the area on their overtime shifts.


He added the area is not what it used to be. Deputies noticed a decrease in people crossing towards the end of January. He said the drop in numbers won’t take their boots off the ground.

President Trump has ruined the incentive to come to the United States illegally.

The drop in illegals was bound to happen. Even if an illegal gets here, they would run the risk of deportation now more than ever before. To expend that much effort only to end up back in Mexico would be fruitless.

As of now President Trump has only begun addressing the wall, and rounding up illegals for deportation. But the writing is on the wall for what comes next.

Illegals will no longer be able to work or get on our welfare system.

In one of four solutions Ben Shapiro of Breitbart laid out for dealing with illegals, fighting the welfare state was #4.

illegals-flipping-off-americaFight The Welfare State. An enforced border only becomes necessary in a free country for two reasons: first, safety; second, the possibility of an influx of people benefitting from public resources without contributing an equivalent amount to the tax coffers. Safety concerns will always require a secure border. But those who argue that illegal immigrants largely come to the United States to work are correct – except when they’re not.

When my great-grandparents came to the United States, they didn’t know English. They had no money. They integrated, learned the language, and became productive workers. That’s why immigrants make America great: because immigrants are self-selected members of the world community who want to be part of the American experiment in self-government, self-control, and self-determination. A welfare state not only undermines what America is and enervates those who are born here, it makes it impossible to distinguish immigrants who wish to be part of the American dream from those who wish to take advantage of the welfare state.

It will be interesting to see the impact that cracking down on illegal immigration will have in the economy.

One thing is for sure, America will benefit, despite the leftist narrative of illegals being a cost-positive to the economy. And we will see if the illegals will be so “flippant” in the future when it comes to our laws.


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