President Trump Sends HARDCORE message to Berkeley

In the 60’s, Berkeley championed peace, love and free speech? And smelly pot-smoking, LSD-using hippies, but that’s a subject for another day.

As for that “free speech” thing, Berkeley lied. They wanted ONE speech then, and they want ONE speech now. Leftism speech.

At least fifty years ago, Leftists stood up to the oppressive government. Now, they stand up to the man who fights as an insider against the far worse oppressive government.

And when Trump supporter Milo Yiannopoulos, a gay conservative, was set to speak on their campus, the well-trained anarchists rioted against…themselves.

Milo Free SpeechMilo is accustomed to the mass protests awaiting him whenever he speaks. Unfortunately this is the second time this year that protests were so massive and violent, events had to be shut down.
In Berkeley, a large number of rioters were dressed in black, wearing gas masks to disguise their identities. Then they shot fireworks at the building where Milo was waiting. Next, they smashed windows and light fixtures, as destruction of property has become a badge of honor on the Left.

But that won’t stop Milo.

He refuses to shy away from the threats of riots. Milo continues to stand up for his beliefs and speak his mind. Milo might have to shut down an event here and there, but he gets the last laugh. When he finds himself trending on Twitter or his book sales double overnight, it’s clear who the champion of causes really is.

Milo is not alone, and he received a little help from the man he calls:  “President Daddy.”

Milo tweeted throughout the ordeal.

All these protests mean, we are winning. I know; I’m stating the obvious.

These disgruntled losers will soon have real responsibilities. As they begin to succeed, they will turn on each other.
Moreover, we won’t allow it. As our numbers swell, and people come out of the Conservative closet, the Left will find themselves surrounded with rational sane thought.
At that point we will be well on our way to Making America Great Again!

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