President Trump’s Latest Move Sends SHOCKWAVES Among Illegals

President Trump’s Latest Move Sends SHOCKWAVES Among Illegals

My Mama always said: “If you want to get a man’s attention, kick him where it counts…in the wallet.”

Trump already knows this strategy works. And as far too many trump-victoriousAmericans are victimized by illegal aliens, President Trump saw the need to change things.

He’s doing it.

Trump spent countless hours on the campaign trail visiting with the families of victims of illegals. He promised to champion their cause, which is the cause of a safe America.

As Young Conservatives Reports:

Press Secretary Sean Spicer announced the development of a new Immigration and Customs Enforcement office focused on helping victims of crimes committed by illegal aliens. The office will also assist family members of victims and is part of President Trump’s recent executive action to bolster enforcement of immigration laws already on the books.

“This office [Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement Office] will facilitate the engagement with victims and their families to ensure questions and concerns regarding immigration enforcement efforts are addressed,” Spicer said, adding that the establishment of the office fulfills a campaign promise.

The tireless efforts of Maria Espinoza’s tireless finally yields fruit for thousands of victims of Obama and Leftism.

You can bet that President Trump didn’t just create the Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement Office for lip service. His orders include provisions to redirect money spent advocating of behalf of criminal immigrants. Victims will now have a voice by way of a liaison with ICE.  According to the memo from Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, families will no longer feel “marginalized and without a voice.”

Kathryn Steinle was one such voiceless American under Obama.

Steinle walked along the San Francisco pier with her father when she was gunned down by Francisco Sanchez. Sanchez, an illegal, was on probation, after having been convicted of seven felonies.

He should have been deported, yet under Obama he found safety in the so-called sanctuary city of San Francisco. His last release left Steinle voiceless permanently.

Trump Will End It

ice illegal immigration shockwavesCriminals are on notice. Trump is stripping Privacy Act rights away from illegal citizens. Illegals can no longer come to America, commit crimes, then hide.
Further, the memo creates provisions for ICE to bring in 10,000 new agents. They’re ready to freeze these criminals out of here.

Illegal immigrants made up approximately 3.5 percent of the population and 37 percent of the crime in 2014. That’s a very strong statement about the tendency of illegal aliens to commit crime, rivaled only by the black teen crime statistics.

The fake news media won’t highlight those statistics because, those statistics don’t fit the Leftist narrative. But facts are facts.

Americans deserve to feel safe; period. We haven’t under Obama.

Obama brought us more terrorism and crime, as he allowed Muslims, an illegals into our midst by the tens of thousands. Obama began a war on law enforcement, which couldn’t possibly help make us safe.

Leftists are getting this information loud and clear: the Obama Days are over.  America will be great again, because America will be safe again.



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