Tucker Carlson DESTROYS Brash Anti-White Illegal Immigrant (video)

Memo to white Americans: you are hated. And the people who have made you hated are other white Americans, known as Leftist Liberal brain-dead zombies.

In order to assuage their guilt, these elitist bourgeois cocktail-sippers pretend to care about the “little people.” The little people include blacks, Latinos, let’s just call them “coloreds.” Further elites think of themselves as better than their gender as they protect the lowly gays, women, and “other” people who are ruled by their gentalia.

In this case we have one of the newly minted hate-mongers, Jose Antonio Vargas, a creation of the white elite. Vargas, an illegal alien and host of the anti-white MTV Show “White People”, opined to Megyn Kelly back in 2015 that the US has spent too much on border security. He suggested this money could be better spent elsewhere.

Recently Vargas appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show, where Tucker asked Vargas,

What would happen if I showed up in the Philippines as a non-citizen there illegally and I started saying, ‘Hey Philippines, I hate your immigration policy and by the way I think you’re racist for not liking me, and I think I’ll file some illegal lawsuits against you and just be quiet and accept my illegal presences?

Vargas was stumped. Though a rabid Leftist and open borders fanatic, the logic of the question escaped his mustard-seed-sized brain. Thus the zombie had no real answer, and did what most Leftists do: hearken back to slavery.



Back to White People…the documentary

The Atlantic writes,

Still yet another reaction unfolded when the documentary’s title started trending on Twitter and Facebook last night, with some users accusing MTV of “race baiting” and “whiteshaming.” “Wow,” wrote Ryan Wesley Smith, a 17-year-old Christian speechmaker with 120,000 followers. “Just watched @MTV’s #WhitePeople docu. The most racially dividing thing I’ve ever seen. Really disheartening.”

Ironically, Vargas, a Filipino leaves a country whose ethnicity is described thusly:

The ethnic groups Philippines has are diverse. Did you think that the ethnicity of the Philippine people is Filipino? Wrong. Filipino refers to citizenship, not ethnicity. The Philippines is in fact made up of a tapestry of ethnic groups, each at one point independent kingdoms and chieftaincies. The unity of these Philippine ethnic groups saw the overthrow of colonizers, namely Spain and America, through armed revolution and active participation in lawmaking respectively.

Even after the Philippines achieved independence, however, not all of its ethnic groups have been empowered. Under this dubious and muddled umbrella term “Filipino people”, some ethnic groups of the Philippines are more powerful than others, their culture more nurtured and their representation in government stronger. At times these Philippine ethnic groups come across imperialist-like, especially when they immigrate and dominate another tribe’s ancestral domain. Here we list the 12 most dominant ethnic groups in the Philippines.

12 dominant ethnic groups in the Phillipines, and not one of them white. And yet, “not all of its ethnic groups have been empowered.”

Well would you look at that! White people are the only oppressors in the world.

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