WATCH: Unhinged NY Leftist FREAKS OUT on Judge Jeanine — ‘F*ck Trump! F*ck White People’

Most Leftists should be institutionalized, particularly in light of the election of Donald Trump as president.

President Trump has cause an acute psychosis in the Left, a dormant disease that is constantly ready to spawn

Watch as this unhinged New York leftist attacks Judge Jeanine during her street talk segment.

The woman screams about Nazis and white supremacists, with no proof. This moron is a product of Leftist, a creation in the dungeons of “fake news” media who do nothing but spew talking points.

She curries favor by trashing Trump. That’s what’s “in” in her idiotic world. She wouldn’t dare challenge, less she lose a few cool points.

Partial Transcript:

Judge Jeanine: Doesn’t he have the right to go there and speak?

Unhinged leftist: Right wing people do not have the right to spew hatred and bigotry in this country.

Jeanine: Can we have a civil conversation?

Leftist: You want to call me uncivil?

Judge Jeanine: I didn’t call you anything!

Leftist: F*ck Trump! F*ck these white people who get to say that…

Audience: Wow! I thought you were for tolerance?

Leftist cretins like this woman walk among you. They have held dominion over you and the lexicon for decades, and now they don’t know how to behave civilly.

They’ve lost, and that hurts them more than you know. The reality these muffins must face, as their carefully constructed “fake” worlds begin to crumble is actually funny to watch. But watching is fraught with danger, as Judge Jeanine found out.


What you have likely witnessed at Berkeley is a manifestation of people like this lunatic. The twisted logic of people who called Trump a fraud for not accepting the results of the election.

These are the people who accused Conservatives of being dangerous, as Milo Yiannopoulos had to be evacuated from Berkeley by police escort.

How can an immigrant gay activist who dates a black man not fit the culture of the Left? Declare himself a Conservative.

H/T The Gateway Pundit

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