VIDEO: CA Senate Leader Admits His Family In US ILLEGALLY

In the Land of Fruits and Nuts, one should not be surprised to learn that a high ranking member of their state Senate admits that half his family lives illegally in the United States.

This declaration is a badge of honor, and not some “come to Jesus,” in order to make amends.

As the Gateway Pundit reported,

California Democrat, Kevin de León, recently admitted that half of his family was in the United States illegally and is using false forms of government identification, which can be a felony depending on the state and circumstance.

They should be prosecuted for false Social Security cards and other false identification. These people want to pretend to be solid citizens, because they say, “I haven’t committed a ‘real’ crime.” They minimize their crimes, as if welfare fraud, education fraud, or worse are just the price Americans have to pay.

American citizens are prosecuted for identity theft, welfare fraud, and education fraud to name a few. But “illegals” say these are not crimes. Nonsense.

Taxpayers fund this type of nonsense, and then “sanctuary states” like California wonder why they end up broke.
America can have no sympathy for people who knowingly break the law. We will be making concessions until we become the United States of Mexico.
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