VIDEO: Trump Was Right! Islamic Refugees DESTROY Paris

We don’t need a crystal ball to know that Muslims destroy cities.

Refugees destroy ParisThere is hardly a place on the planet where Muslims amass, and the location remains safe for “infidels.”

Europe has been overrun with Muslims, so much so that in 10 years you won’t recognize a single city there.

Take Paris for instance. Muslims maraude there almost routinely. For a city with no guns, Muslims sure manage to wreak havoc with AK-47 with ease. And when they are not shooting the place up, Muslims are running over people in 18-wheelers.

So to find out that Paris is again under siege is not a surprise.

As Conservative World Daily reports,

It looks like Donald Trump was right. Inviting thousands of Muslim refugees into the U.S. with open arms is a BAD idea. Ever since migrants from the Middle East have taken over the once beautiful city of Paris, riots and chaos are the new normal.

Truthfeed reports that recent anti-police protests turned out to be anti-Western values riots. Islamic refugees have been flooding the streets of Paris screaming “Allahu Akbar”, destroying public property, stopping traffic, and intimidating law-abiding citizens. Police have tried to control the Muslim refugees but the savage attackers will stop at nothing. They are seen breaking windows of police cars and attempting to beat police officers with pipes.

As these ungrateful, violent refugees continue to destroy the city and kick in windows with unbridled rage, city officials are leaving the police virtually helpless. The behavior caught on video makes it hard to call these young Muslim men “refugees” – they are insurgents trying to destroy Parisian culture in the name of Allah.

If it weren’t for President Trump, America would be only a few short years away from this. As it turns out, we may have thwarted the Muslim scourge for a few decades.



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