WATCH: Immigrant PUMMELED by Leftists Protesting Trump Travel Order

Liberals once again prove that any opposition deserves a violent shutdown, because the Left doesn’t want to hear it.

when-will-the-violence-endOver the weekend, liberals participated in angry, illegal protest activities to complain about federal crackdown on illegal immigration. Then in a real twist of irony, a group of thugs at one of these protests in Austin, Texas beat up an immigrant.

American Values are under Attack

We are seeing an unprecedented level of abuses of our First Amendment rights by Leftists. And they are bold about out it, giving their beatdowns in public.

In another example, Leftists showed up to protest the detention of at least 70 Mexican nationals in Austin, Conservative Outfitters reported. Many of these thugs blocked traffic both ways at a major Austin intersection. Then when drivers complained, their cars were vandalized.

As I alluded earlier, one of the very people these protesters supposedly stood for, became their target.

Luis, a Mexican national in the U.S. on a work visa tried to drive through the intersection. However, he was repeatedly blocked by idiots walking arms linked and holding flags. When he got out of his car to complain, he was physically attacked, and his vehicle trashed.

Luis told FOX 7 Austin that he originally supported the protesters. However, their willful violence has since changed his mind:

“I mean I got kicked in the face. I almost lost consciousness, had to get four stitches outside my cheek, one inside.”

That’s what Luis gets for being in America LEGALLY!

American Culture is under Attack.

One of the problems highlighted in this video is the utter contempt for American culture on display by the Left. As with most of these protests, the terrorists have the unmitigated gall to wave foreign flags. Their behavior proves the point of taxpaying American, as it showcases their disdain for our country. The very country the occupy, they hate?

These people are not here to assimilate. They’ve come to take on the Leftist mantra, as they see that narrative as a ticket to “free stuff.” And they are willing to vote for the anti-American Leftists willing to give them the most.

Ann Coulter, conservative political commentator, pointed out in her book, ¡Adios America!:

“The melting pot has been broken apart, angrily and proudly, by the multiculturalists. We no longer ask immigrants to assimilate,” Coulter opines. “We can’t. That would be racist.”

Immigrants who come to America wanting U.S. citizenship need to understand that you have to obey the laws of the place where you live. The Left is giving away our national sovereignty, to a bunch of thugs who demand that America become like other nations, rather than assimilating to our culture.  The Citizenship Oath requires as much:

“I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty, of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen.”

American Laws are Under Attack.

Liberal Protesters get apoplectic when the U.S. government enforces federal laws. In this case, I’d settle for the enforcement of local traffic laws.

Since electing a president who has ICE’s back, immigration enforcement agents can finally do their job. Hallelujah!  America has rediscovered her spine.

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