WATCH: Joy Behar Attempt To Ridicule Trump BLOWS UP in Her Face

Comedic hack Joy Behar gets punked on national TV by Dr. Phil.

In a show that is little more than a parody of women, Behar and cohorts pretend to speak for women on various issues, when in fact they are simply man-hating, anti-Americans.

These harlots use any excuse at all to man-bash, and according to Milo Yiannopoulos, they took that opportunity when Dr. Phil appeared on the show recently.

Dr. Phil appeared as a guest on The View Thursday and co-host Joy Behar wasted no time turning the conversation to President Trump. Dr. Phil was asked to diagnose the president with narcissism, but the women received an unexpected verdict instead.

As Behar was salivating to get Dr. Phil to give his diagnosis, the TV doctor read from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, particularly the section that explains the signs of a narcissist.

Dr. Phil went through numerous examples, as Behar’s face lit up with glee as she made a check mark in the air with her fingers to confirm her bias.

DR.PHIL: Okay. Three, believes that he or she is special or unique.

BEHAR: Check, check!

When Dr. Phil finished reading from the list, Behar delightfully chimed in with, “case closed!” However, Dr. Phil was quick to remind the co-host of something that would soon remove the joy from her face.

“Well, if you — that’s a lot of people. And if you take out everybody that has any of those characteristics then you’re going to take out a lot of people including some at this table.”

If Dr. Phil had diagnosed Barack Obama, America would have watched Joy Behar’s head explode.

How this drivel stays on air is a mystery to most of us.

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