Watch Obama WINDSURFING As He Takes Time Off from Bashing Trump

In case you’re one of the brain-dead Leftist zombies who misses their messiah, here’s an Obama update.

One crafty videographer decided to showcase the Obama windsurfing skills. His narration also reminds America that some of thenm elected not just the first black president, but also the first gay president.


Honestly, watching Obama windsurfing reminded me of his manly workout. Remember this?

Here’s what I wrote about it at the time:

obama-workout-1Holy Mother of all things feminine, this video may be the most embarrassing of all that!

If this is the leader of the free world, the world won’t be free very long.

If I were the Marine in the Mexican jail, I would seriously hope the Mexican Federalis haven’t seen this “princess” workout video. AND, I would be planning my own escape, since America’s princess president has ordered a new pen and phone to match his outfit.
Obama is straining to lift all of TEN POUNDS…FIVE pounds with each arm.

Hillary Clinton, you’re too late. America has its first female president.

I can hardly wait to see what America’s first metrosexual president is up to next. I would warn the Left that Obama tends to forget about his real goals, when he’s having too much fun.

There is one thing that might get Obama to refocus his efforts against Trump. Since the taxpayers no longer foot the bill, he may run out of money soon. I’m sure a few white billionaires will pick him up in their jets for fun and frolick for a while. However once the novelty of the “magic Negro” wears off, Obama may find himself like the Clintons.



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