Watch: Sean Spicer SMACKDOWN of Reporter at Press Briefing

Sean Spicer has dealt with more news in a week, than most press secretaries deal with in a year.

Not a day goes by that President Trump hasn’t put Spicer in the media spotlight. Some would describe that spotlight as more of a Gestapo interrogation.

Initially Spicer stumbled out of the blocks. But he’s found his sea legs, and now he’s manhandling the media. The major hint that Spicer has improved is the media complains about him.

Here’s the latest example of Spicer handling business when an MSNBC reporter asked him about Trump’s immigration order.

From The Daily Caller:

“The president himself has called it a ban,” Welker asked. “Are you confused or is he confused?”

“Those are the media’s words,” Spicer said. “No, I’m not confused. Those words are derived from the media. Your network was one of the ones that just hours ago said [Homeland Security Secretary] Kelly didn’t know what was going on. With all due respect, I think you have been part of the confusion.”

For eight years, we watched two of Obama’s press secretaries lie about every subject. They essentially tormented the bosses, we the people, as they avoided our questions.

The Political Insider showcased the Top 5 worst moments for Josh Earnest, and this was in 2014:

It’s no wonder there are so many hilarious moments in the history of White House press conferences. Here are the top 5 worst moments for current White House Spox Josh Earnest from 2014:

5. Don’t Drone Me, Bro

After the release of the now infamous CIA Torture Report, the Obama Administration had some explaining to do. Specifically, why Obama thinks he has some sort of moral authority to condemn torture while he bombs innocent civilians – including American citizens – without charge or trial.

Earnest went to default mode: Don’t answer the question! Talk about something else!

Watch the scene here.

4. Jon Stewart Body Slam

President Obama nominated a completely unqualified Hollywood donor for Ambassador to Hungary, a vital country considering recent tensions with Russia. When asked by a reporter if the nominee’s massive campaign donations had something to do with it, Earnest really fumbled.

Only Jon Stewart can do this response justice: Watch here.

3. WH Press Secretary: The President Lied!

After Obama’s unconstitutional executive amnesty, the President gave a speech to pro-illegal immigration activists in Chicago. Obama was heckled for not doing enough, so he defended his actions and said, “I just took action to change the law!”

Of course, Earnest was asked about this, basically saying that the President didn’t really mean what he said. Wow. See it here.

2. Dropping bombs isn’t war!

As most Americans know, Obama decided—on his own and without Congress—to start a new war in Iraq against ISIS.

Shockingly, Josh Earnest told reporters that dropping bombs “isn’t war,” and couldn’t describe what “destroy the enemy” meant without his Webster’s dictionary!

This was only the sampling from one year of this moron.

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