Watch: Street Justice DISHED OUT To Man Who Attack Old Woman

Apparently, a black man tried to rob an elderly black woman, because Black Lives Matter and all.

However, the guy was not very good at his job and he was caught. Thus he received “street justice.”

The man is surrounded by black men from the neighborhood, where he was interrogated.

As one very large black man asked the questions, others merely voiced their approval. One man was apparently appointed by “the court” to be the videographer and Real TV commentator.


The perpetrator, wait…ALLEGED perpetrator is told to apologize to the victim. He eventually says he apologizes.

People around ask,

“For WHAT!”

The man hems and haws, until he finally understands that his attorney won’t get him out of this one. Thus, he eventually apologizes for his actual crime. He came up behind an old woman, and attempted to rob her.

The prosecuting attorney then decided to dole out pre-sentencing justice, and smacked the guy in the face. Then again.

Then the defendant received the most brutal part of the lesson. Next, the prosecuting attorney became the judge. He doled out Phase I of the punishment, and sentenced the man to a public ass-whooping. The judge administered it.

Then the man was advised to never return to the neighborhood, as the next part of the ass-whooping continued. The man eventually ended up on the ground, bleeding, as the videographer advised him to get up.

He said something along the lines,

“Better to get this ass whooping then end up in jail.”

Now I know a lot of people will see this and see the cruelty. But imagine if blacks took this same approach with gangs, drug dealers, prostitutes.

No police were called to handle this, as the neighborhood men handled things. They did what black men from my time did, which is to protect the elderly, particularly the women of our neighborhoods.

The streets should be safe enough for old women to walk and children to play.

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