WATCH Travel Ban Protesters REFUSE to Help Refugees

The loving and tolerant Left is known for practicing what they preach, right?

So when the Berkeley rioters showed their outrage over President Trump’s Muslim refugee travel, we would figure they would be ready to take on the responsibilities that comes with anarchy.

Thanks to Joey Salads, we get to witness the humanity and charity of leftists first-hand. Salads, a video prankster, went undercover as a leftist to highlight the real leftist attitude. He wanted to know how deep the opposition to President Trump’s travel ban is, so he went to LAX.

Watch as he confronts a few protesters, asking them to put their house keys where their protest signs are.

I’m sure you’re shocked to find that when Salads ask who wants a refugee to live with them, he finds many protesters who believe in, “Not in my house!”

According to The Blaze:

Approaching a group of protesters sitting on a ledge at LAX, Salads introduces himself as a member of an outfit that “just got approved by the commissioner of naturalization.”

He then asks if any protesters would be willing to “give donations or to possibly offer shelter.”

Salads’ first victim says, “I have no resources. Sorry.”

A second guy writes in a “small donation” on the clipboard, Salads notes in the video, but declines to offer shelter.

Another guy says he’s “not able to do that” when asked to provide shelter to refugees.

“I live with a man who is a Trump supporter,” one woman replies, “so I don’t think he’d go for it.”

Apparently, no protesters have occupancy for even ONE refugee.

One woman expressed concerns over being a single woman living alone. Her concerns were about being raped or murdered. But couldn’t that happen in regular society? And after all, this would be a humanitarian rape or murder, would it not?

I’m sure many Americans have the same fears?

Here’s the next guy. He seemed concerned that supporting the refugee could be indefinite. Again, this might be the same issue that taxpaying Americans have. So, I surmise that #StongerTogether for this particular gentleman means at YOUR house, not his. At the very least, his refugee humanity would have an expiration date.

Again, not one person on the video wanted to welcome a stranger into their home. They complained about cost, potential harm, even language issues. These are all the same issues Americans who want to vet refugees have voiced.

What this proves is, it’s easy to join a protest, especially if you’re paid. Make signs, roil up passers-by, and create your hashtags. But for leftists, that’s as far as it goes.

Leftists leave the real humanity to conservatives. Moreover, they’ve been doing it for decades, and we are tired of footing the bill–and other outcomes.


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