Trump White House WARNS Iran: We’re putting you on notice

Nation States that Sponsor Terror don’t get to make and test Nuclear Weapons – Not on President Trump’s Watch!

The Obama Era has ended, but Iran didn’t get the memo. General Flynn: Iran put on notice.

The rogue nation tested a medium-range ballistic missile on Sunday in violation of the US-Iran Nuclear Deal and U.N. resolution 2231.

The Trump administration was quick to respond with a warning – Don’t go down this road.

Iranian Aggression

National Security Adviser Mike Flynn explained Iran’s violation:

“The recent ballistic missile launch is in defiance of U.N. Security Council Resolution 2231, which calls upon Iran “not to undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles designed to be capable of delivering nuclear weapons, including launches using such ballistic missile technology.” 

The missile launch was just one of Iran’s aggressive acts. Flynn also explained Iran’s role in attacks against the U.S. and her allies. 

“There have been a series of incidents in the past six months in which Houthi forces that Iran has trained and armed have struck Emirati and Saudi vessels, and threatened U.S. and allied vessels transiting the Red Sea.”  These acts, Flynn continued, “underscore what should have been clear to the international community all along about Iran’s destabilizing behavior across the Middle East.”

It’s been reported that Iran didn’t understand the U.N. resolution. According to Reuters,

Iran’s defense minister said the test did not breach [Iran’s] nuclear agreement or the U.N. resolution.”  He added, “We will not allow foreigners to interfere in our defense affairs.

Trump’s Response

President Trump’s administration responded unequivocally.  Condemning the Trump’s predecessor for allowing this aggression, Flynn stated:

“The Obama Administration failed to respond adequately to Tehran’s malignant actions — including weapons transfers, support for terrorism, and other violations of international norms.  The Trump Administration condemns such actions by Iran that undermine security, prosperity, and stability throughout and beyond the Middle East and place American lives at risk.”

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer later added,

The administration “wanted to make very clear that we felt that [Iran’s] actions are both provocative and in violation [of the nuclear deal] and make sure they knew that we’re not going to sit by and do nothing.”

America’s U.N. Ambassador, Nikki Haley, called the test “unacceptable.”

International Responses

Reuters reported that the

“U.N. Security Council held an emergency meeting on Tuesday and recommended the missile testing be studied at committee level.

U.N. Resolution 2331 was part of a deal in which Iran curbed its nuclear activities in exchange for relief from economic sanctions. The resolution urged Tehran to refrain from developing ballistic missiles capable of launching nuclear weapons.  

Critics say the resolution’s language does not make this obligatory. And the critics are correct. This was typical Obama-speak in dealing with Iran, as the U.S. could have made our stance unmistakably clear.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif tried to reassure the international community that Tehran would never use its ballistic missiles to attack another country. The irony here are all the public threats by Iran to obliterate Israel from the face of the earth.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated on Monday that the missile test was a “flagrant violation” of the U.N. resolution.  He will ask President Trump in their upcoming meeting for a renewed sanctions against Iran.

The Final Word: Trump’s On the Job

According to Reuters, Iran’s National Security Council head, Ali Shamkhani said Iran won’t seek “permission from any country or international organization for development of our conventional defensive capability.”

Iran is not playing defense. 

Recent attacks on sovereign nations in international waters prove Iran has been on the offensive for a long time. What’s changed is who is now in charge, and it’s not milk-toast liberals. 

The Flynn ended his statement emphatically:

“As of today, we are officially putting Iran on notice.”

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