WIKILEAKS: Did John McCain Ask RUSSIANS for Campaign Money?

Did John McCain Ask RUSSIANS for Campaign Money?

John McCain no longer represents conservatives. Some say he never did.

mccain-traitorDuring a speech at the Munich Security Conference in Germany, the Republican senator from Arizona literally begged for foreign intervention to thwart our president.

That’s surprising, given that McCain is a former POW, a fact of which we are constantly reminded.

He paid a great price for freedom years ago. However, he forgets that now people pay that price for him. McCain has become the Dixie Chick of DC.

Remember the Dixie Chicks?

At one point they were on top of the entertainment world. They had begun their new world tour in London, when Natalie Maines claimed she was ashamed of President Bush.

Even Democrats chastised her for speaking out on foreign land.

It was the end of the Dixie Chicks as we knew it!  A nation divided politically united real quick when Maines broke the golden rule. She went outside the family.

McCain has made the exact same mistake, with his errant calculus. Thus, like the Dixie Chicks, he too will meet the exact same fate. Soon, he will be dead, or at least his career will be.

Wikileaks Has The Nails for McCain’s Coffin

It turns out that McCain’s treason isn’t a new game one can blame on the inception of Trump’s political career. That would be too easy.

It was McCain who leaked the fake documents claiming Trump had ties to Russia and Russian prostitutes. He even went so far as to say possible Russian hacking into John Podesta’s email was an “ACT OF WAR.

Well, guess what Wikileaks has just discovered? According to Conservative Read:

20 Oct 2008 statement from the Russian Federation to the United states in relation to an alleged letter from the McCain campaign requesting a financial contribution from Russia:

“We have received a letter from Senator John McCain requesting financial contribution to his presidential campaign.

In this connection we would like to reiterate that Russian officials, the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations or the Russian Government do not finance political activity in foreign countries.”

Wikileaks staff have verified the authenticity of the document.

So now we know the real reason McCain hates Russia so much. He asked Vitaly Churkin for campaign money during the 2008 election. Apparently the “Maverick” didn’t get the funds.

One would think McCain would be mad at the Russians, not Trump. Then again, leftists tend to do things “bass ackwards…”

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