Satirical Book: SNL FLOP Alec Baldwin Tries a New Way to Bash Trump

Satirical Book: SNL FLOP Alec Baldwin Tries a New Way to Bash Trump

Alec Baldwin has become the “Captain Kirk” of SNL. In other words, Baldwin is now a one-trick “I hate Donald Trump” pony.

A fitting strategic shift, given Baldwin gave up the iconic role of Jack Ryan from The Hunt for Red October to do The Shadow. If you don’t remember The Shadow, don’t feel bad.

Alec Baldwin’s latest blunder will appear in a bookstore near you. Critics already agree: Yawn.

Alec Baldwin Book: A Satirical Hit Piece

Alec Baldwin bookYou can call him “the writer formerly called an actor.” Well, sort of.

Baldwin will team with Kurt Andersen to co-author a satirical book about President Trump. When questioned about the writing project, Baldwin responded:

“I think it’s fair to say that Kurt will do most of the writing. We have that arrangement whereby he doesn’t put on the wig, I don’t open up a Word document.”

The fact that Alec Baldwin won’t actually write the book which satirizes Trump fits his skill set. And then there is his partner, Kurt Andersen.

Andersen founded the now-defunct Spy magazine in the 1980s with Graydon Carter. While there, the journalists focused their animus about the prosperous ’80s on Trump. No journalists followed the real estate mogul more closely or angered him more often. While there, Anderson nicknamed Trump the “short-fingered vulgarian.”

For those keeping score: Andersen failure, Trump WINNING!

As for the not so dynamic duo of Andersen-Baldwin, why not partner? Two people made famous for attempting to make careers from successful people and failed, should partner. I love the smell of desperation.

Baldwin donned the Trump wig throughout SNL’s 42nd season. Trump chimed in via Twitter (what else!):

“Time to retire the boring and unfunny show,” Trump tweeted in October. “Alec Baldwin portrayal stinks.”

You can bet that if the sketches were clever, Trump would have said so.

Later in December, Trump tweeted that SNL is “unwatchable” and is a “hit job.”

In what many saw as confirmation of Trump’s accusation, Baldwin offered in December to “stop” his impersonation if Trump released his tax returns. Apparently President Trump has decided to let Baldwin continue to kill his career.

Alec Baldwin bookMarketing

At first blush, it seems Baldwin and Andersen front-loaded the title with all their satire: “You Can’t Spell America without Me: The Really Tremendous Inside Story of My Fantastic First Year as President Donald J. Trump.”

As the old saying goes, “The joke’s on you!”

What exactly about Trump’s record will they satirize? Amazing economic growth. Unprecedented stock market gains. A thriving, Americans First job market.

Oh wait, I know. It’s the replacement of Obama “landmark” bonehead legislation known as ObamaCare that has these two upset. Their therapy is no longer covered, perhaps?

If they need more fodder for satire, how about President Trump’s simplification of our obnoxiously burdensome federal tax laws. Or what about his strengthening of the military or making the borders more safe? How funny will that be!

In a bid for humor, Baldwin revives his Trump impersonation by narrating the audiobook, which is scheduled for publication in November.

NOVEMBER?! By then Trump will have paved American highways in gold, built a wall that millions of tourists will come annually to visit, and can be seen from outer space. He will have put all Americans who want to work back to work, and negotiated peace between Israel and Palestine.

The Alec Baldwin book will be KINDLING!


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