Another Hollywood Heavyweight Riding the Trump Train

Another Hollywood Heavyweight Riding the Trump Train

Donald Trump said during the campaign that he will bomb the sh*t out of ISIS. Then he said he would wipe them off the face of the Earth.

So far, President Trump is keeping that promise. And now he may get the support of Hollywood heavyweight, George Clooney. Or at the very least his wife, Amal Clooney.

An unconventional President gives Hollywood permission to like him.

We wrote of Jennifer Garner’s willingness to give President Trump a chance. It’s appears that Amal Clooney has more in common with President Trump than she did with Obama.

George ClooneyOn Thursday, human rights lawyer Amal Clooney urged Iraq and the world not to let ISIS “get away with genocide.” The wife of actor George Clooney represents victims of ISIS rapes and kidnappings. In a U.N. speech, Mrs. Clooney said that the group’s brutality is “passively” ignored by the world’s nations regarding the investigation of ISIS crimes and the search for justice against the perpetrators.

The attorney pressed Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to lobby the U.N. Security Council for a vote to investigate ISIS crimes in Iraq. The terror group once controlled 40% of Iraqi territory. However, government and coalition campaigns to route the terrorists are underway.

“Justice is what the victims want…” Clooney said. “But justice will be forever out of reach if we allow the evidence to disappear, if mass graves are not protected, if medical evidence is lost, if witnesses can no longer be traced.”

A high profile, peaceful Muslim moderate finally speaks out publicly against radical Islamic extremism. Let’s hope other moderates follow suit. Clooney now realizes that the U.N. does nothing unless forced. In the six months since she came to the U.N. seeking accountability for ISIS victims, nothing has happened.

“Killing ISIS on the battlefield is not enough. We must kill the idea behind ISIS by exposing the brutality and bringing individual criminals to justice,” she said.

Clooney represents a Yazidi woman named Nadia Murad, whom ISIS captured in 2014. Murad spoke out since her release about ISIS crimes against her, including repeated rapes and selling her as a sex slave.

Now a goodwill ambassador for survivors of human trafficking, Murad told the meeting that for over a year, victims waited for the U.N. to investigate ISIS.  Survivors want “to be able to at least bury our dead.”

“Why it is taking so long? I cannot understand why you are letting ISIS get away with it, or what more you need to hear before you will act,” Murad said, her voice breaking with emotion. “So today, I ask the Iraqi government and the U.N. to establish an investigation and give all the victims of ISIS the justice they deserve.”

Amal Clooney, ISIS justicePossible steps the U.N. can take include referring ISIS to the International Criminal Court, or the establishment of “an accountability mechanism” by the General Assembly, as with crimes in Syria in December. Likewise, the U.N. secretary general can launch an investigation.

“But none of this has happened,” Clooney said. “Instead, mass graves in Iraq lie unprotected and un-exhumed, witnesses are fleeing and not one ISIS militant has faced trial for international crimes anywhere in the world.”

Clooney urged every nation “to stand up for justice” and demonstrate “moral leadership” to hold ISIS accountable. His wife’s stand against ISIS brutality may help George to find common ground with Trump. The virulent anti-Trump actor campaigned for Hillary in 2016. His wife’s crusade could provide cover for him to follow other Hollywood celebrities in giving Trump a chance.

Or he could remain the Hollyweird hypocrite most of them turn out to be.

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