Stupid Leftists LOVE PEOPLE THEY HATE in Blind Test

Stupid Leftists LOVE PEOPLE THEY HATE in Blind Test

All you have to do to get leftists’ panties in a wad is ask them questions about their candidates’ policies’ but use their opponents.

For example, “If you tell leftists that Obama was for stopping the flow of illegal immigration,” leftists would accept it. However, the same policy proposed by Trump was considered bad legislation.

Hypeline News recently set out to see if DeVos is hated because of her association with Trump, or her actual policies. You’ll never believe how it turned out.

Apparently, students at Illinois State University actually agree with DeVos, as long as her name isn’t mentioned.

According to The Blaze: 

During a “man on the street” segment, Hypeline’s Derek Muncy interviewed a handful of college students about their opinions on DeVos. Each of them had nothing but negative things to say about her.

“I think she’s grossly unqualified, and she doesn’t deserve the job she holds,” one student said.

“I wonder what Betsy DeVos is up to? Probably destroying the education system of America. I think that’s what’s going on.” said a student with pink hair.

“I don’t think she cares about public education for the majority of America,” said another student.

The DeVos haters were pretty staunch in their assessments.

Then Muncy broke out the big question. He asked, “Do you think a zip code should determine a child’s future?” Students agreed completely with the platform of school choice.

Each person interviewed seemed to think that Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) would have selected a better qualified person had he been elected, and couldn’t find a single thing they liked about DeVos. It was then that Muncy switched up the questions to policy stances that DeVos takes, but did not mention her name.

Then Muncy dropped the bomb. He explained to students that they were agreeing with Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

The DeVos haters were shocked.

Some students were at a loss for words. They are well aware of the resistance to her confirmation, and an online petition gathered more than 400,000 signatures on

Even after her confirmation, DeVos haters tried to stop her from doing her job. DeVos was threatened when she tried to visit a school. Moreover, people were willing to physically harm her to stop her from working on her platform.

Now, we have proof that shows that many agree with her policies.

Hypeline News just proved that liberals aren’t paying attention to the facts. They are just Trump-hating at every turn.

If the crybabies would shut up and give DeVos a chance, maybe the United States could rise above our current rankings in education. We rank 14th out of 40 nations. That leaves a lot of room for improvement.


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