Black Lives Matter STUNNED by President Trump

Black Lives Matter STUNNED by President Trump

Black Lives Matter needs a black president or so it would seem.

The group has received all kinds of cheddar–that’s Ebonics for “money– and yet the group has all but disappeared. 
Ethan Warwick of Wealth Authority noted this very same phenomenon.

In 2016, it seemed impossible to go a full two weeks without a national outrage in the face of police brutality. Black Lives Matter was one of the most influential grassroots movements, and they regularly had the country’s full attention.

So far, 2017 could not be any more starkly different. What happened? Did the police completely reform? Did Trump fix the problem? The movement has become shockingly quiet, and the reasons might seem shocking until you take a step back and look at the big picture.

Have there been no cop shootings of blacks? Have the atrocities of which BLM protested suddenly evaporated?

Warwick continues,

As we so often do, we’ll start this discussion with a hard look at some numbers. In 2017, participation in Black Lives Matter is roughly one-tenth of its peak in 2016. Groups are still organizing and protesting, but they now number in the hundreds as opposed to the tens of thousands they had before.

In spite of the shrinking effort, the actual state of the police is mostly unchanged from 2016. Unfortunately, citizens are still killed by police, and for the first two months of this year, those numbers are slightly higher than they were in 2016.

On top of that, rates of police killings by race, gender and the other metrics that are so important to Black Lives Matter remain unchanged. The status quo is exactly as it was when the movement peaked in 2016, yet their voice and presence are substantially muted.

Warwick goes on to look at the media, black support, and Trump.

The media offers BLM no support, as Trump has marginalized the media.

But if the media offers BLM no solace, what about black people?

I did multiple interviews where I said that BLM did a disservice to blacks, actually making neighborhood far less safe.

Warwick writes,

There is a running theme that the group was more problematic than beneficial. This is obvious when you consider the number of major protests that ended in rioting and pointless destruction and harm.

After BLM finishes profiteering in a city, the citizens must return to normal. Normal in far too many black communities means going from riots of BLM back to dangerous.

The police visit far too many homes of black parents, particularly single mothers to deliver bad news about a loved one dying. Further, they continue to address more crime in the black community, per capita, than other communities.

Finally, there is the Trump Factor.

For BLM to flourish required a complicit leader. Obama complied, as he brought the matches and the accelerant. All he needed was to be pointed to the fuse.

Obama then lit the fuse that has America precariously positioned for a war against police that began in Ferguson. And now American cities deal with the outcome of what is known as The Ferguson Effect.

BLM no longer has the cover of the presidency, ergo the Department of Justice. Their crimes will be dealt with like anybody else, going forward. Thus, BLM lies dormant, as it waits for another willing host.



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