BREAKING Project Veritas BOMBSHELL That Could Burn Teacher’s Union

BREAKING Project Veritas BOMBSHELL That Could Burn Teacher’s Union

How do liberal teachers exercise authority over students in the classroom? Assault: just make it look like an accident.

Grown-ups are meant to educate kids on how to obey authority figures. This requires patience, not deception and physical assault.

According to a manager at a San Francisco teacher’s union, there’s a right way and a wrong way to assault students in the classroom.

Antonio Mankini, staff organizer for United Educators of San Francisco recently spoke with Project Veritas about physical altercations between himself and unruly students in the classroom. This nut job believes physical assault is justifiable if done in the right way.

What’s the “right way” to hurt a kid? Mankini explains:

“I spent 17 years working with law enforcement so I know ways…I can hurt you and never leave a mark.” [Mankini laughs loudly.]

The trick is to use the right part of your body, so you leave no evidence behind of your cruel, extra-legal behavior.

Mankini – “Yeah. Elbows are awesome weapons, too. They’re harder than a fist. You know, I mean. Yeah. It’s intense stuff.”

Interviewer – “Yeah, and we’re bigger than them.”

Providing an example of how to get away with assaulting a minor and getting away with it, Mankini got specific.

“I mean, I clothes-lined a kid one time. And, of course, I was pretending I was pointing. And the kids saw, the kid went down. … He wasn’t even supposed to be in my class. And I kind of saw him in my peripheral vision.”

Mankini then swiftly raised his arm, perpendicular to the floor, pointing into the distance as he spoke the next sentence.

“So I said, you know if we go over here. And he, he ran into my arm. I mean he ran into my arm. He wasn’t supposed to be in my class. And of course, I caught him here (indicating the student’s neck). And he went down, backwards. You know?

This leftist excused physical assault because he refused to behave as a grown-up.

Kids test every limit put on them. Adults should use patience and intellectual honesty to reinforce those limits. If a teacher cannot persuade children to obey his or her authority, that teacher needs counseling; not offensive lineman training.

Mankini readily admitted he was wrong. But then, he quickly justified it because it looked like an accident.

Mankini – “And, that one still bothered me because, you know, I crossed a line. I know. I mean, it looked like an accident. And all the witnesses would have said, No, he ran into [Mankini’s] arm.” Because he ran into me. I didn’t, like, reach over to knock him down. You know? He ran into me. My arm happened to be out.”

Interviewer – Yeah, sounds like you clothes-lined the guy.

Successfully using this maneuver requires more than just raising an arm.

Mankini had to defensively brace himself against the impact of the student’s forward movement. This was not innocent or an accident. Practicing deception to justify violence against students in the classroom is not in the teacher’s handbook. No wonder our youth are so angry and hostile to authority. Their teachers provoke them through assault cloaked in denials.



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