BREAKING: Trump Spotted With INFLUENTIAL Russian Military Leader

BREAKING: Trump Spotted With INFLUENTIAL Russian Military Leader

It was only a matter of time before Trump’s Russian ties were uncovered.

How long did he think he could continue the ruse? Trump was pictured here with Captain Ramius.

Trump with Russian sub captain 2Ramius piloted a new nuclear submarine that runs silent due to a revolutionary propulsion system. Although Ramius later defected to the United States, his defection created an international incident. And how can we really know that Ramius is now on our side.

For all we know, Ramius lives at Trump Tower, and is the go-between for Trump and Putin.

As to when these two met, we can’t be sure.

It was likely after November 1984, when then Soviet submarine captain Marko Ramius commanded the Red October. The vessel represented the new Typhoon-class nuclear missile submarine with a stealth “caterpillar drive”, rendering it undetectable to passive sonar.

Ramius left port to conduct exercises with the Russian attack submarine V. K. Konovalov, commanded by his former student Captain Tupolev. He was to check out the new stealth technology, then return to base.

However, oOnce at sea, Ramius secretly killed the sub’s political officer Ivan Putin. Next he relayed false orders that they are to conduct missile drills off America’s east coast.

Trump with Russian sub captain blankThe next morning, CIA analyst and ex-Marine, Jack Ryan, after consulting with Vice Admiral James Greer, briefs United States government officials on Red October and the threat it poses. Officials in the briefing learn that the bulk of the Soviet Navy has been deployed to sink Red October. The “Russian Ruse” was that Ramius planned an unauthorized nuclear strike against the United States.

Ryan was skeptical. He theorizes instead that Ramius planned to defect, and leaves to rendezvous with the American attack submarine USS Dallas to prove his theory. Meanwhile, Tupolev, though unable to track Red October, guesses his former mentor’s route and sets a course to intercept.

Ramius makes it the United States, where at some point he joined forces with Trump. After making introductions in Moscow, Trump was set to become president, and unleash his capitalist scheme on the taxpayers of America.


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