BRIBES: King of Saudi Arabia Gave Obamas MILLIONS in GIFTS

BRIBES: King of Saudi Arabia Gave Obamas MILLIONS in GIFTS

It’s good America now has a president who can’t be bribed. Because Trump won’t be bought.

We’ve learned through WikiLeaks and common sense that Obama was for sale to the highest Muslim bidder.

And boy did the King of Saudi Arabia know it.

According to US News,

The kings of Saudi Arabia lead lavish lifestyles, and their gift-giving is no exception.

The State Department’s register of gifts – which was recently published in the Federal Register and lists items given to federal agencies by foreign governments – shows most dignitaries presenting mundane, but lovely, tokens to the White House: six boxes of dates from the ambassador of Algeria here, three bottles of wine from the French president there.

Enter the late Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and King of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Before his death earlier this year, he gifted the Obamas what can only be described as a whole lot of swag.

For the president himself: a gold and silver watch, estimated to be worth $18,240; a gold-plated brass replica of the Makkah Clock Tower, estimated at $57,000; and another watch, this one white gold, estimated at $67,000.

In total, these items are worth about $142,240 – chump change compared to the money Abdullah dropped on First Lady Michelle Obama.

And you wonder how America became so “Muslim-friendly.”

Keep in mind that the Saudis accepted no Muslim refugees, but old Barry put America’s “terrorist acceptance program” on steroids. We may now know why.

But if you think Barry was well cared for, take a look at how well the Saudi King treated Michelle.

From the king, FLOTUS accepted a diamond and emerald jewelry set, an estimated $560,000 value, and a diamond and pearl jewelry set, worth about $570,000.

Obama daughters Sasha and Malia received a diamond and emerald jewelry set and a diamond and ruby jewelry set, totaling $80,000. To share – and from Saudi Prince Miteb bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud – the Obama family got a model palm tree, several bottles of perfume, eight robes, three capes, a couple of muumuus, a satin outfit, a velvet gown, and four ornate boxes.

Overall bling total: $1,352,240.

U.S. government protocol requires they accept the gifts in cases where “non-acceptance would cause embarrassment to [the] donor and U.S. government.”

However, there are two options. First, the recipient may turn over the item(s) to the National Archives and Records Administration. Or, the recipient can pay the market value of the gift and keep it.

I believe the “gifts” signify what the government is willing to do for the recipients in other ways. These “gifts” are a wink and a nod for what is to come. There are just too many coincidences when it comes to how Obama dealt overly favorable with the Saudis.

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