CNN Anchor Gives Dumbest Analysis of a Trump Speech Ever

CNN Anchor Gives Dumbest Analysis of a Trump Speech Ever

Trying to sound authoritative doesn’t work when you have no idea how to draw a valid comparison.

Thus, in what may be the worst analysis in the history of television, CNN’s Don Lemon critiqued President Donald Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday night. Below is the video.

Recall that Lemon got drunk on national television on New Year’s. Well some might believe that he’s still hitting the sauce today.

Lemon appeared to be wholly unprepared for the job. While he criticized President Trump’s speech for not sounding “extemporaneous,” Lemon should have turned that mirror on himself.Nixon sick

Referencing the Nixon/Kennedy debates of the 1960 presidential campaign, Lemon grasped at relevance, with a desperation of a mountain climber with no arms.

Frankly, Lemon looked and sounded like a pretentious dolt.

How do you take someone seriously whose analysis of President Trump’s history-making speech is that his prepared remarks sounded different from his extemporaneous ones? Answer: you don’t.

It was evident that Lemon spent more time in make-up, than he did in doing a deeper analysis of past presidential addresses to Congress. And certainly Lemon paid no attention to the actual content of President Trump’s speech; a speech even Leftist pundits agreed was a “home run.”

As Kevin Jackson put it: “That was a Barry Bonds steroid-induced home run that landed in the Pacific!”

Based on the astute observations of Lemon however, Trump looked presidential, but the didn’t sound presidential.

“To me it sounded like a speech that was written for someone that he was reciting, and there were some big words and phrases that I don’t think that he actually connected to. If you just listen to the speech.”

Holy Mother of William F. Buckley, exactly what were those big words and phrases?

Trump used big terms like “beach heads.” So Lemon claimed this terminology was out of character for our president.

“It didn’t sound like his voice. … The way President Trump speaks extemporaneously is not the same as what he said tonight. … This is a speech written by a college student for someone else trying to use big words to impress. The person who is reciting it did not know the meaning of the words. That’s how it sounded.”

Don LemonIf you happen to catch the entire clip, you will see that not all the panelists agreed with Princess Donald.

Further, what became more clear is Lemon’s fight for relevance. His network has suffered mightily at the hands of well…the network. CNN denotes fake news and their ratings prove it.

Lemon’s commentary seemed to be an attempt to minimize President Trump, and it only exemplified the fact that CNN is indeed fake news.

This was a journalistic hack job, by a man who is quickly becoming the Al Sharpton of CNN. If Lemon continues down this path, his career will soon be over.

The media failed at making billionaire Donald Trump an idiot. The Wharton School of Economics grad confounded the “experts” to get elected. Further, President Trump has showcased more brilliance in a month, than Obama could in a lifetime of presidencies.

Frankly, it’s time CNN and other fake news media and anchors wake up and grow up.


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