CNN PANEL SPEECHLESS After Results of INSTANT POLL of Trump Speech

CNN PANEL SPEECHLESS After Results of INSTANT POLL of Trump Speech

There’s no denying it. Donald Trump gave a phenomenal speech last night.

He sat out to unify a nation. And Trump chose all the right words. The aftermath left many Liberals admitting Trump was inspiring. For CNN Panelists, it was especially hard to make such a concession. However, according to their own poll 69% of viewers believe Trump policies are leading us in the right direction.

As you watch this video, keep in mind this is a CNN poll. That makes the results all the more extraordinary.

As Ian Schwartz commented:

According to a CNN/ORC poll of viewers, Donald Trump’s first address to Congress received a largely positive reaction from speech-watchers, with 57% who tuned in saying they had a “very positive” reaction. CNN reported Trump did similar poll numbers to former Presidents Obama and Bush.

The buzz on social media was Donald Trump knocked it out of the park, Barry Bonds style. Yes, ON STEROIDS!

Twitter agreed with the poll results:

When CNN has to concede Trump did well, his progress in undeniable. Keep in mind the polling of Trump coming into office. Here’s what we wrote about this at the time:

Trump front with hands upThat, according to The Washington Post, makes Trump the least-popular incoming president of the past 40 years — by a large margin. Eight years ago, ABC News/Washington Post polling showed Barack Obama with a 79 percent favorable rating. Even George W. Bush — who lost the popular vote and was designated the next president only after a protracted recount in Florida — had a 62 percent favorable rating on the eve of his inauguration. Bush’s 36 percent unfavorable rating was the lowest of the modern era, until Trump’s 54 percent score in the new poll.

The CNN poll results are in and they’re clear. So clear in fact that even Leftist see what’s happening.

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