CNN RIPPED for Crap Reporting on Russia [VIDEO]

CNN RIPPED for Crap Reporting on Russia [VIDEO]

I’m happier than a tornado in a trailer park that President Trump’s team continues to HAMMER the media, particularly CNN.

I can only hope that Trump soon sets his sights on the Washington Post, and takes down Jeff Bezos. If he doesn’t, perhaps America can by not using Amazon.

Every day we get more and more proof that the media reports anything but the news. They report Leftist dogma, narratives established by the Democratic Party or the people who pay for these politicians.

I’ve said many times that President Trump will win in the end. He gains more and more credibility with each story lie reported by the media.

In a recent White House Press Briefing, Trump Press Secretary Sean Spicer blasted CNN.

Spicer declared there was more proof of CNN colluding with the Hillary Campaign than the Trump campaign colluding with Russia.

Sean Spicer: Let’s actually look at what CNN reported. They reported that anonymous US officials had told them that information indicates that the association of the campaign and suspected operatives coordinating which is not conclusive with anything that is bordering on collusion. The last line of the thing said, “The FBI cannot prove that collusion took place.” I think there is probably more evidence that CNN colluded with the Clinton Campaign by giving her debate questions than Trump campaign gave any kind of collusion… At the end of the story at the very bottom they conclude that they cannot yet prove that collusion took place.

Spicer is dead on in his conclusion.

How quickly the media ignores all the revelations of WikiLeaks.

Moreover, how they handled the scandal, as they blamed the hackers while saying nothing about the veracity of the information.

We know the DNC colluded with Hillary Clinton’s campaign to undermine Bernie Sanders. Further, we know that they media colluded with Hillary Clinton on numerous occasions, the most glaring when CNN’s Donna Brazile gave debate questions to Hillary Clinton.

By the way, no scandal that Hillary Clinton didn’t disclose that she had the questions in advance. And certainly no scandal manifested from the fact that she actually used the ill-gotten information.

Then what of Hillary Clinton’s speeches to Goldman-Sachs and others where she showcased her duplicitous nature?

The media wholly ignored all these stories, preferring to help crooked Hillary defeat Trump.

Those days are over, as we now control the country again. The Left will find it a lot more difficult to wrestle the country away this time.


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