Conservative Millennial Tomi Lahren DESTROYS Her Career

Conservative Millennial Tomi Lahren DESTROYS Her Career

Stop Me If You Have Heard This Story Already…

Holy Daughter of Megyn Kelly! A popular female conservative media darling at the end of her current contract starts to shed the ideals that made her a star attraction in the first place?

To quote the late Yogi Berra: “It’s deja vu all over again.”

The Hill reported:

The Blaze founder Glenn Beck on Monday took to Twitter to question whether one of the most popular television hosts on his network was intellectually honest.

 Beck was criticizing Tomi Lahren, host of TheBlaze TV’s “Tomi.”

 Lahren has been criticized in some conservative circles after a Friday appearance on ABC’s “The View” for revealing that she supports abortion rights.

Conservative social media revolted against Lahren in a firestorm, particularly from the “Reagan Battalion”.

Recall, this group got Milo Yiannopoulis fired at Breitbart News and banned from C-PAC a month ago.

Conservative blogger Michelle Malkin also attacked Lahren:

As Twitchy told you, supposed “conservative” commentator and talk show host Tomi Lahren made waves when she tried to explain to the ladies of “The View” that she’s pro-choice. Conservatives are wondering how she can square that position with being, well, conservative.

But it goes deeper than that: How can she square being pro-choice with this tweet from last fall?

But Conservatism’s current ‘It-Girl’ hit back against the critics.

She posted this on Twitter:

Blaze founder, Glenn Beck entered the fray, according to the Dallas Morning-News:

Lahren’s boss, Blaze founder Glenn Beck, sparred with her on Twitter Sunday night, suggesting her claim of being a libertarian clashed with her support of President Donald Trump’s executive orders and health care proposal. “#intellectualhonesty,” he tweeted. Beck also retweeted a video that showed her flip-flopping on the issue. 

Professional jealousy? It was Beck who made Lahren a household word…sort of.

Or perhaps Beck remains miffed that President Trump, whom Beck despised in the 2016 presidential race, has personally reached out to Tomi and thanked her for the support?

Regardless, other Blaze TV personalities and supporters followed suit with Beck:

So what is Ms. Lahren’s overall agenda?

Quite simply, she could be striking while the iron is hot. Her contract with the Blaze ends in September. However, Beck suspended her for a week which could create an earlier departure.

And Lahren replied:

She’s obviously raising her profile with the latest move.

Lahren has 4.3 million followers on Facebook, and more than 665,000 followers on Twitter; and that’s with more than half of America not being able to directly tune-in to her program. So, looking for greener pastures is definitely on the 24-year-old’s mind.

A theory being championed by the pundits at Salon:

Lahren’s comments about abortion may fit into her desire to land a spot on “The View.”  Since Elisabeth Hasselbeck left the show for Fox News in 2013, producers have not firmly settled on a replacement.  While Hasselbeck leans rightward, she supports abortion rights and same-sex marriage.  Her onetime replacement, former GOP political functionary Nicolle Wallace holds the same views that diverge from mainstream conservatism.

Republicans and Conservatives consider ourselves the  ‘big-tent’ party. Perhaps. But we do have our standards.


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