KARMA: Criminal Shoots Himself by Accident in Parking Lot After Robbery [VIDEO]

KARMA: Criminal Shoots Himself by Accident in Parking Lot After Robbery [VIDEO]

I can never get enough of these videos where the bad guy loses.

In this case, the bad guy is the robber who shoots himself after his crime.

In the Land of Fruits and Nuts (California), a man tried to rob 4 people at gunpoint in Denny’s parking lot. Then karma kicked in, in the form of a car to the torso.

One of the victims took matters into his own hands and decided to hit the criminal with his weapon…a car.


The criminal shoots himself in the process.

Surveillance cameras captured the whole incident which happened in Hawthorne, California around 3 a.m. And, it was brutal.

I felt like I was watching a nature film where some stupid tourist exits the vehicle to get a picture with the “cute hippo.” Only this hippo was a car being driven by a pissed off victim.

The video footage shows four diners leaving the restaurant to get to their vehicle. As they got to the car, the robber confronts them. Next, he’s seen robbing them, as they sit in the car.  and then standing to leave the scene. A short distance away is a getaway car.

Finally, he stands by the car door to leave the scene, while a short distance away a getaway car awaits.

However, things took a turn.

As the robber finished his crime, the driver seizes the opportunity afforded him in a moment of hesitation by the robber. The driver uses the door of the car to force the robber away, as he puts the car quickly in reverse.

That’s when things worsened for the criminal, who was now running to get to the getaway vehicle. Seeing the victims’ car barreling towards his, the criminal’s companion sped past him. Uh oh!

The victim driver continues towards the robber and uses the car as a battering ram to run down the robber. Most people would call this poetic justice.

It’s difficult to see, but the robber is thrown in the air by the impact of the car–lucky for him. The alternative would have made him part of the undercarriage of the vehicle. That was the good news.

That was the good news. The bad news is the robber shot himself.

I’m sure the driver won’t be charged, given the robber was armed, thus it was weapon against weapon.

I’m happy the victims of the robbery were not harmed. Sadly, the car will need some tender loving care. As for the robber, he is in bad shape at the hospital, and his future doesn’t look too bright after he recovers. Sometimes when you take on the bull, you get the horns.


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