DELUSIONAL DEMOCRATS: Falling for Trump’s ‘Venus Flynn Trap’

DELUSIONAL DEMOCRATS: Falling for Trump’s ‘Venus Flynn Trap’

As my grandmother would say, “Don’t be stupid your WHOLE life!”. But the Left never learns.

No matter how many times they get shocked by Donald Trump, Leftists continue to stick the metal fork in the power outlet.

Thus, they rinse and repeat. Russia revised.

One would think the tax return fiasco would have been enough, but they come back for more.

No connection has been found between Donald Trump and the Russians, not even tangentially. However, the Left persists to their detriment.

One would think that the recent Podesta revelations would have sent Leftists scurrying down their rat holes. As I wrote earlier this week, it was revealed that Podesta doesn’t just have ties to Russia, but he is, in fact, pregnant with Putin’s baby.

Yet, the Democrats still haven’t learned. As The Hill reports,

Democrats were quick to jump on Thursday’s news that former National Security Adviser had asked for immunity in exchange for his testimony on President Trump’s campaign’s ties to Russia.

“General Flynn certainly has a story to tell, and he very much wants to tell it, should the circumstances permit,” Flynn’s lawyer said in a statement.

The move raised red flags for several Democratic lawmakers.

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) took to Twitter on Thursday, telling the Republicans that it is now “your move.”

“Trump’s campaign is under an FBI counterintelligence investigation. His former NS advisor is asking for immunity. Your move, Republicans,” she tweeted.

And there is more wishful thinking from Leftists.

Representative Hakeem Jeffries chimed in.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. So say a litany of Democrat hopefuls.

Finally, “drip drip drip” was one comment.

Democrats won’t fear this story until Rachel Maddow teases it for her next big “breaking news” segment on Trump.

In the meantime here is my theory. Flynn wants immunity, not to tell secrets about the Republicans. He has requested immunity in order to spill the beans in general. His testimony will in no way hurt President Trump or anybody in the Trump administration. But you can bet the Democrats are about to get the shock of their lives.

We will know soon enough who got played.


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