I almost feel sorry for the Democrats choosing their new DNC leader.

First, white people need not apply.

Next, their choices were a Latino racist idiot or a Black racist idiot. They chose the Latino.

As the Free Beacon noted, there are several scandals involving Perez. They highlight that Perez is part of the corrupt liberal establishment that voters rejected last November:

  • Perez dropped voter intimidation charges against Black Panthers who brought weapons to a polling place.

  • He doesn’t think white people are entitled to equal protection under the Voting Rights Act.

  • Also, Perez spent $200 million of taxpayer money to “ensure an ideological pet policy of the Obama Administration would avoid Supreme Court scrutiny,” the House Oversight Committee reported.

  • Finally, Perez, like Hillary, used a private email account to dodge accountability laws, conducting official department business with Planned Parenthood, the New York Times, and others.

What is it with leftists and email scandals?

On the final point, the Lid Blog reported:

New DNC Chair Tom Perez Has Problems W/ Email, Ethics, Racism, and Perjury

Anyone who believes the Democrats dodged a bullet by choosing Perez over Ellison is wrong. Perez was not only the choice of the Clinton wing of the party, but he has many of the same issues as Hillary Clinton, including email, ethics, telling the truth, and a belief that only Caucasians can commit race crimes.

This past December The Hill exposed that as reported that Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Perez used a private email account violating the Federal Records Act, and then tried to cover it up.

“The House Oversight and Judiciary Committees, along with the minority staff on the Senate Judiciary Committee, launched an investigation. They found Mr. Perez had tried to cover up the quid pro quo and ‘likely violated both the spirit and letter of the Federal Records Act’ by using his personal email accounts to conduct official government business. The House subpoenaed his emails.”

All told Perez violated the Federal Records Act 34 times while working for the Department of Justice:

I’m not sure how much time the Trump administration will spend on opposition research on Perez. It doesn’t appear that much more information is needed.

Nevertheless, when the time comes, you can bet that President Trump knows what to tweet about this corrupt Democrat.


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