Democrat Senator ANGERED That Criminals Are Being Deported For Being ‘Criminals’

Democrat Senator ANGERED That Criminals Are Being Deported For Being ‘Criminals’

Newly elected U.S. Senator Kamala Harris is proving to be a ‘chip off the old block.’

Kamala Harris, freshman Democrat from California replaced longtime liberal stalwart Barbara Boxer. And Harris fills Boxer’s shoes in more ways than one.

The Senator recently sent this message out on her Twitter page:

Leave it to a leftist to defend criminals, before citizens.

Before being elected to the U.S. Senate, Harris was elected two times as California’s Attorney General. Before that she was a longtime District Attorney for San Francisco. Given her law background, one would think she would understand the consequences of ‘breaking the law!’

Yet, did the mainstream media excoriate the Senator’s horrendous Twitter comment? Shockingly, no.

In fact, during a recent press conference decrying President Trump’s immigration policy, the former top law enforcement officer for California doubled-down.

She blasted the Trump administration’s aggressive enforcement as unnecessary and un-American, pointing out how the broadly written directives will target potentially innocent undocumented immigrants.

 “They’re lowering the bar and in suggesting that anything, even that someone may have committed a crime might qualify for deportation, that’s just extreme and outrageous,” Harris said.

 “There is a tone and underlying this policy that is suggesting that undocumented immigrants are criminals – period. And therefore are rightly then going to receive law enforcement as its first outreach.”

Doing the media’s job for them, Michelle Malkin called the Senator to task for her comments.

Oh yeah, and it’s not just “anyone” who commits a crime, it’s illegal immigrants who quite frankly have already broken the law. But Kamala knew that, she’s just trolling.

 That’s how the laws were originally written, but now we’re supposed to be compassionate or some other horse manure and let the criminals do as they please in our country.

 And we’re the mean ones. *smh*

 BUT IMMIGRANTS.  The Left keeps skirting this issue, pretending that the Trump administration is rounding people up based on race, not on their legal (or illegal) status.

 Anything to protect that illegal vote.

But let’s also be compassionate conservatives. For we also need to remember that Senator Harris is a graduate of UC Berkeley’s Hastings Law School. She failed the California Bar Exam on her first try, but she did eventually pass it.



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