Democrat Setup: Sessions’ Meeting With Russian Ambassador

Democrat Setup: Sessions’ Meeting With Russian Ambassador

I’m running out of euphemisms for these hypocritical Leftist swine.

Democrats might as call themselves 1950s fascists; they keep screaming “Better Red than Dead!”

Democrats Set Up Sessions

Remember those “criminally scandalous” meetings that Attorney General Jeff Sessions held with the Russian ambassador as part of his job last year? Guess who set up the senator to hold those meetings? None other than the Obama administration.

Democrats Set Up SessionsDemocrats scream for Sessions’ head on a pike, when he’s done nothing wrong. They keep throwing things against the McCarthy wall, but nothing sticks. There was nothing nefarious in Sessions’ “meetings” with the Russian ambassador last year.

The first encounter (not meeting) occurred after then Senator Sessions gave a speech. He was the keynote speaker at the “Global Partners in Diplomacy” conference. Obama’s State Department sponsored the event, along with The Heritage Foundation and other organizations. The conference took place in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention.

Meant to be an educational program, Obama invited about 100 ambassadors from around the globe to observe the event. Obama also invited Sessions to speak. Moreover, Obama’s State Department coordinated with every ambassador and their staff.

See the scandal, yet?

No? Me either; not one involving Sessions, anyway. It’s funny the details that false witnesses neglect to mention. Such as the role of these false witnesses’ in the “scandal.”

Sessions’ Meeting with Russian Ambassador

As Sessions left the stage after speaking, a small group of ambassadors, including the one from Russia, approached the senator and thanked him for his remarks. A brief “thank you” from conference attendees to the keynote speaker. Then Sessions left. It was momentary; hardly worth calling a conversation, let alone a “meeting.” There were no secret handshakes, decoder rings passed, or secret note exchanges.

How could two men, standing briefly among several witnesses, hatch a conspiracy to assure Trump’s election win in that time frame?

Democrats Set Up SessionsWhich brings me to the next “meeting.”

This meeting occurred in Sessions’ office. Last September, while Sessions fulfilled his role as a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, he met with the Russian ambassador. That’s why the meeting was held in his Senate office. They discussed relations between Russia and the U.S., according to DOJ spokesperson, Sarah Isgur Flores.

They did not discuss the election. Sessions did not act as a surrogate for the Trump campaign.

Along with Sessions’ meeting with the Russian ambassador in September, he met with more than two dozen ambassadors during 2016. These meetings included the Ukrainian ambassador the day before his meeting with the one from Russia. How does doing his job as a senator somehow disqualify him from serving as attorney general?

It goes without saying, the Democrats are losers. They have attempted to set up Sessions, in a sick scheme that ultimately will backfire on thsm.

Donald Trump was right in that we need to start investigations of Chuck Schumer and many other Democrats who are complicit in this nonsense.


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