DEMOCRATS CRYING: Under Trump CEO Confidence Hits Record High

DEMOCRATS CRYING: Under Trump CEO Confidence Hits Record High

President Trump said we needed a pro-business president. Then he delivered.

Under President Trump, CEOs report record high confidence in their businesses. Moreover, some companies actually feel the impact, like Tiffany’s.

The iconic jeweler Tiffany’s experienced steady declines under the Obama administration. However, post-election, Tiffany’s surpassed financial expectations, as the jeweler posted solid profits for the first time in a long time.

According to Vicki Young:

The company’s interim CEO Michael J. Kowalski said strategies are sound and “we have meaningful growth opportunities.”

Tiffany’s is not alone. Many corporations reaping the benefits of a Trump Administration.

As Paul Ausick reports:

U.S. chief executives are more positive about the country’s economic outlook than they have been since the fourth quarter of 2009. The Business Roundtable CEO Economic Outlook Index rose from 74.2 in the fourth quarter of last year to 93.3 in the current quarter, the first time in seven quarters that the index has risen above its historical average of 79.8.

Democrats can’t deny the growth America currently experiences.

Despite the fact that Liberals spend their time throwing up Russian smoke screens, the economy continues to soar.

As Jamie Dimon, chairman of the Business Roundtable and CEO and chairman of JPMorgan, said:

I am enthusiastic about the opportunity to enact a meaningful pro growth agenda that will benefit all Americans. As these results confirm, business confidence and optimism have increased dramatically. Our CEOs are committed to working collaboratively with policymakers to drive policy solutions, starting with far-reaching tax reform and a smarter approach to regulation.

We’ve already seen the Dow hit record highs. Additionally, the Nasdaq and S&P have also reached milestones. As KevinJackson commented,

“If you invested in Hillary, Obama, or Leftism in general, time to sell it short!”

The Trump factor is paying off.

Meanwhile, the Obama legacy crumbles like week-old bread. Comparatively, Trump is the goose who laid golden eggs.


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