Democrats’ SURPRISING Poll Regarding Anti-Trump Strategy

Democrats’ SURPRISING Poll Regarding Anti-Trump Strategy

Clamoring for power rather than doing their jobs, Democrats seem poised to lose for a long time to come.

If leftists do realize that they’re alienating voters, they don’t appear to care. Democrats would do well to remember that a good portion of current Trump’s supporters was formerly part of their base, and this anti-Trump strategy they push is backfiring. Democrats’ SURPRISING Poll Regarding Anti-Trump Strategy illustrates this point perfectly. What is the single most important thing politicians must do to win elections? LISTEN TO PEOPLE!

Deaf and Dumb-o-crats

The last election proved Democrats weren’t paying attention to most of the country. Rasmussen just codified that fact in a new poll. Most voters now agree that Democrats’ flat out resistance to everything President Trump does is not only bad for the Democrat Party but bad for America as well.

Democrats' SURPRISING Poll Regarding Anti-Trump Strategy
“Shhhhh … we know better than you do folks.”

Democrats have always claimed that they build coalitions. However, Trump has showcased their true bridge-burning policies that have lifelong Democrats questioning their course.

According to Rasmussen, less than one-third (29%) of likely U.S. voters think it’s better for America if Democrats oppose President Trump in every way possible. By contrast, almost two-thirds (63%) of Democrats think the party should try to work with the president instead.

Finally, even more telling is that Democrat voters can’t agree on the best strategy for their party. 44% think it’s better for America and Democrats if liberal lawmakers oppose everything Trump does. However, against more Democrats, 46% believe Democrats would benefit America and the Democratic Party if they try to work with the president at least in some areas.

What does it mean?

Likely the polls say nothing, as Democrat “leadership” refuses to chart a different path. The Democrats have adopted a scorched earth tactic when it comes to President Trump. Despite what they think are wins, this poll proves that the Democrats are damaging themselves tremendously.

Democrats' SURPRISING Poll Regarding Anti-Trump Strategy
63% of Democrats believe we should work with President Trump?        Oh my!! ;-(

Most voters don’t think the ongoing protests against President Trump will make any difference. They find them counter-productive. As President Trump makes more and more strides, people see the tantrums for what they are.

Instead of leftists assessing their behavior in the aftermath of the loss, they blame the winner. They expect the winner not to act like the winner.

Obama won and unapologetically pursued his agenda. President Trump behaves no differently in that regard. The Left will do nothing to change this, regardless of their petulance.

Forty-five percent (45%) of voters now say America is heading in the right direction. One year ago under Obama, that number was only 29%. There was not a single week in Obama’s presidency where anywhere close to 45% of voters believed America was moving in the right direction.

When you consider the media adulation and fake polling for Obama, you can easily see that Trump is winning, big time. And the administration has JUST BEGUN!

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