DEPLETED 2017 BUDGET: Obama Left Poison Pill for President Trump

DEPLETED 2017 BUDGET: Obama Left Poison Pill for President Trump

I got this message from a friend on another reason why President Trump is having trouble with staff appointments.

I have not confirmed this information, but figured many of you could find out if this is indeed true. It certainly would confirm much of what people believe about Obama saboutaging the Trump transition team.

According to the message
Congress will have to pass a new budget for Trump to hire new people. Trump and his team currently work 18-20 hour days to keep things going. Who knows how long it will take Congress to fix this if they even do.

I was speaking with XXXXXXX regarding a discussion you had with her at a GOP cocktail party on the evening of February 24th. During that conversation she stated you had told her that former President Obama had, in his final days, had depleted the U.S. 2017 budget. I’m coming to you for clarification.

My reason for asking, aside from being a citizen and taxpayer, is that I volunteer as a citizen journalist through various social media platforms and wish to set the record straight on this matter. Needless to say I was shocked at what XXXXX had told me and find it very difficult to believe our entire budget has been spent for the remainder of this fiscal year. You do not need to provide particulars and if you wish I’ll never use your name as a source. I’m simply attempting to get the record straight on this topic.

I look forward to your reply and thank you for your service to our great state of Georgia.


The Senator replied.

Thank you for reaching out to me. What you heard was partially correct. The ENTIRE US budgets has NOT be [sic] spend [sic]. The Obama administration gave out bonuses and incurred other excessive expenses in several departments that the President uses to staff his office. By doing so, he used up the funds that President Trump would be using to staff his administration. President Trump will not receive the needed funds to completing the staffing of his administration until the Congress passes a continuing resolution to give the President funds.

Hope this helps.

Michael Williams

Given that the Fed will soon need to raised the debt ceiling, the question is what will Congress do. Add to this the problem of rising interest rates, and you see how the career politicians potentially could put a strangle hold on President Trump’s ability to function.



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