Meet the Deported Gang Member Who Beat and Sexually Assaulted Toddler

Meet the Deported Gang Member Who Beat and Sexually Assaulted Toddler

Tommy Alvarado-Ventura is a member of the MS-13 gang, and he’s been deported four times.

He was arrested for beating and sexually assaulting a two-year-old girl and stabbing her mother.

criminals, immigrants, #KevinJacksonStill think border security is a joke? This guy shouldn’t have been in our country. Period. Yet due to Leftists’ “catch and release” he was afforded the hospitality of America on multiple occasions.

News 12 reported:

A Hempstead man accused of sexually abusing a 2-year-old girl and stabbing two different women – all on the same night – was held without bail after his arraignment Thursday.

Police say Tommy Alvarado-Ventura beat and sexually abused his girlfriend’s daughter early Wednesday morning while her mother was at work.

He then allegedly went to El Mariachi Loco Bar in Hempstead, where he’s accused of getting into a fight with a 24-year old woman about purchasing marijuana.

Police say Alvarado-Ventura then followed that 24-year old woman to a back parking lot where he stabbed her multiple times, puncturing her lung.

Authorities say Alvarado-Ventura then returned to his girlfriend’s apartment. They say when the child’s mother got home, she found her daughter beaten.

Remember when then-candidate Trump mentioned rapists and murderers? You could hear the Leftists’ collective gasp.

How many babies deserve to be raped before Leftist admit they’ve created a serious problem? We are flooded with illegal immigrants, and far too many are criminals.

As our team chronicled recently:

For years, Obama released criminal illegals onto American streets. Obama released one ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT who murdered his teen step-daughter and unborn child. She was only 15 years old. ICE arrested the perpetrator, Armando Rodrigo Garcia-Ramires, in 2011.  He was released shortly thereafter.

This sick monster raped his purported step-daughter at least twice and then killed her.

For all the Leftist who want America to believe these illegals are harmless, remember Jennifer Delgado.

She was the daughter of an American citizen who dared bring this monster into the life of her child.

Such is the story of Leftism and the legacy of hate that Obama propagated.

This scenario plays out again and again all over America. It’s like an iPod stuck on replay. It won’t end until we close the sanctuary cities, build the wall, and allow Trump to enforce the laws.

The next time you see a Leftist protesting immigration restrictions, think of these two young girls. Think of the dead baby. Then think about the toddler, barely old enough to talk, who was beaten and assaulted sexually. Then you will know exactly where Leftists should shove those protest signs.

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