ICYMI: DESPICABLE NONSENSE Universities Teach about 9/11

DESPICABLE: Look at NONSENSE Universities Teach about 9/11

College professors want your kids to empathize with radical Islamic extremists. American universities teach terror justifications for 9/11 as “literature.”

Look at NONSENSE Universities Teach about 9/11
               Where were you on this day?

Look at NONSENSE universities teach about 9/11. “The Literature of 9/11” is a freshman English class now taught at several major American universities.

But, students do not study America’s first responder heroes, devastated onlookers, or the victims of that terrible day.

Instead, America’s first-year students, most of whom were in diapers on 9/11, learn how to hate America!

Furthermore, this class focuses on the terrorist viewpoint of 9/11. Thus, professors present terrorists’ twisted excuses for murdering American civilians.

The New York Post noted that these classes systematically indoctrinate your children to believe the attacks were “our fault.”

In effect, adopting Jeremiah Wright’s anti-America racism, this course asserts that “America’s chickens came home to roost” that day.

“[T]he syllabus, which includes books like “The Reluctant Fundamentalist” and “Poems from Guantanamo: Detainees Speak,” portray terrorists as “freedom fighters” driven by oppressive US foreign policies. Even highly ranked University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has adopted the curriculum. The 9/11 seminar is taught by UNC associate English professor Neel Ahuja.

Most noteworthy, a Muslim professor attempts to rewrite American history using leftist, America-hating propaganda.

And, what is shocking is that American universities allow it. As a historian myself, I find this repugnant.

Ahuja presents the al-Qaida terrorist viewpoint as if the terrorists were victims:

“Abu Zubaydah’s torture may be interpreted as simply one more example of the necropower of US imperialism, the power to coerce and kill targeted populations.” Ahuja claims America’s depiction of the 9/11 terrorists as “monsters” is merely an attempt to “animalize” them as insects and justify “squashing” them in “a fantasy of justice.”

Since, Ahuja is an apologist for radical Islamic extremism, he obviously has a political agenda that he’s shoving down the throats of his “English” students. And, as good and tolerable citizens of this great country, we are supposed to sit back and celebrate the lies with him.

Pro-American Students Speak Out

As a result, a concerned group of UNC students wrote a letter to Chancellor Carol Folt, complaining that the course brainwashes impressionable underclassmen.

“These readings offer points of view that justify terrorism, paint the United States and its government as wholly evil, and immoral and desecrate the memory of the victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. There is not a single reading required that focuses on the lives of the victims, the victim’s [sic] families, American soldiers, (or) families of American soldiers. Nor is there a perspective that portrays the United States as acting in good faith before, during, and after the Sept. 11 attacks.”

Finally, the course material defends violence and murder against Americans, as the course suborns terrorism. This professor does not teach students how to think, but what to think: the very definition of brainwashing.

Ultimately, the university defended the course. They claim to present freshmen with “differing points of view, even radical ones.”

Look at NONSENSE Universities Teach about 9/11
    “Picking up the pieces terrorists left behind.”

Teaching should include all points of view, not just one. Yet, current college students were in diapers when 9/11 happened. So, there is little chance they’ve studied all the “viewpoints” of 9/11 before arriving on campus.

And, as indicated earlier, several universities teach this twisted course. They spread leftist (wrong) interpretation of American history, unhindered and undebated. It is scary to think our young people may BELIEVE THEM!

As a result, professors effectively give college kids permission to be angry at America and take it out on political opponents.

Our country is undergoing a slow, but steady intellectual decline carried out by the progressive Left. Their days should be over with the success of Trump.

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