Ex-Radical Muslim Says Top American Colleges CREATING Terrorists

Ex-Radical Muslim: Top American Colleges CREATING Terrorists

Islam promotes violence against all non-Muslims for two possible ends: conversion or death.

A former radical Islamic extremist opens up about the types of Jihad that “good Muslims” perpetrate in America every single day.

Stealth Jihad

Former devout Muslim jihadist Isik Abla revealed last week that Jihad in Islam exists in many different forms. Alba is now an international Christian evangelist. Her warning focuses on America’s top universities – where jihadists send their children to infiltrate.

Isik AblaThere’s educational Jihad, there’s population Jihad, there’s media Jihad, economical Jihad,” Abla told The Christian Post, noting that there are a total of eight types of Jihad. “We are seeing these … types of Jihad integrated in the Western world today.”

Part of the ideology of Islam is the false narrative that it is peaceful towards all mankind. According to Abla, Islam deceives its own:

“When I was a fanatical Muslim I believed in a physical Jihad,” she said. “First and foremost you’ve got to believe if you are a true Muslim and if you are studying the Quran you need to know that physical Jihad is necessary because there’s nothing but killing as told in the Quran.”

They don’t just kill to convert, however. Islam has a stealth component.

During her first marriage, Alba discovered she was part of stealth Jihad.

“Educational Jihad pays the tuition of the students to send them to high prestigious colleges and universities in the Western world. They pay their Harvard education, they pay Princeton, and they pay Yale. So we were shoveling money to this kind of educational Jihad so those people could be in high places in power to dictate what needs to happen in the Western world [and] to Islamize the Western world. This is an ideology type of Islam and I was part of that.”

Islam radicalizes every Muslim from a young age to desire terroristic martyrdom for their faith. That is the Muslim definition of a hero.

Now an ordained Christian minister, Alba heralds an eye-opening warning for those with ears to hear in western civilization. Do not believe those who say that Islam is a religion of “peace.”

It is not. In fact, Alba said that mindset evidences a “deaf and dumb spirit.”

“[T]he peaceful presentation of Islam … is an incredible deception. I don’t understand how the Western world doesn’t get it. I want to say [it’s] naïve, but it is idiotic to not understand how Islam has nothing to do with peace. Islam can only bring peace with sword. They will behead you if you [don’t] give up your faith. If you give up your faith then they allow you to live under their rule and dictatorship. There’s no peace in Islam. Let’s get this straight.”

Jihadists, American collegesAlba also warned that terrorists’ goal is to blend in for maximum impact. ISIS recruits Westerners using social media.

“[Jihadists] can look very modern. They can look very Western, which I was. But if you told me ‘you’re going to kill in the name of Allah,’ I would have been in the front line.”

Another facet of stealth Jihad presents Islam as just like everyone else. But be warned to its reality. The false god Muslims serve is not the one True Living God of Jews and Christians. Alba exhorts the West that it is the spirit of “antichrist” and secular “humanism” to preach that everyone worships the same God. So, don’t listen to the Pope or Oprah or Rick Warren when they try to convince you that the three major world religions are one big happy family of faith. Islam only wants converts or dead enemies. They eschew tolerance of other religions. And peace with Islam will only happen in the absence of all its “enemies.”

No matter what form jihadists take, the only two choices open to non-Muslims are these: convert or die.

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