You can’t give President Trump all the credit for FOX News ratings, but his support hasn’t hurt.

After being declared fake news, things continue to worsen for the lamestream, fake news businesses. Yet FOX News Network continues to explode.

According to Nielsen Research, Fox News won for the eighth consecutive month in total viewers over basic cable with 1.75 million viewers. The other “news” networks weren’t even in the picture, as Nickelodeon garnered 1.15 million and HGTV garnered 902,000 viewers.

The 21st Century-owned cable news network was also up 39 percent in the key 25-54 demographic that advertisers covet most, with 592,000 total viewers. In total viewers and the key demographic, Fox beat MSNBC and CNN in both categories combined.

Holy Mother of Oedipus, FOX News is winning over the Millennials?!

And in the spirit of SHAM-WOW, BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! As it turns out, Fox dominates the top shows in cable news. Check out these numbers.

Neilsen explained that  overall, Fox News had 13 of the top 15 programs in cable news. That’s 87 percent of the top 15 shows.

MSNBC’s “The Rachael Maddow Show” and “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell” were the only non-Fox programs to break the top 15, finishing seventh and 13th, respectively.

And if 87 percent of the top shows didn’t show domination, then how about this?

February 2017 was the network’s 182nd consecutive month as the most-watched cable news channel in total viewers. It was also the network’s highest rated month since November 2016.

The Trump Impact on Fake News and FOX News Ratings

According to TN Newser, things are really bad for CNN:

MSNBC was the second-most-watched cable news network in prime time for February 2017, and the No. 4 network in total prime time viewers across all of basic cable. The network also grew +55 percent in total prime time viewers and +41 percent in the prime time news demo compared to February 2016. MSNBC also posted significant year-over-year growth in total day: +53 percent in total viewers and +40 percent in the demo. That’s more year-over-year growth than either CNN or Fox News.

When MSNBC beats you, things are in the toilet. You can bet that CNN’s ratings are in direct proportion to President Trump’s tweets against them.

As for MSNBC’s growth over year, FOX isn’t panicked. When you consider the hole from which they dig, they are destined to win the year-over-year battle at least one or two years.

MSNBC likely won’t last long in the top 15, as FOX News has the magic touch on TV shows. Take Tucker Carlson’s new show:

Compared to Megyn Kelly’s performance as host of “The Kelly File” in February of 2016, Carlson is up 31 percent in total viewers with 3.28 million and is up 55 percent in the key demographic with 695,000 viewers.

I know first-hand that FOX News has more creative ideas up their sleeves. And with Megyn Kelly gone, President Trump will get a fair shake, at least during prime time.


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