Google Has BIG SURPRISE Coming: $11.5 Million to Study Policing

Google Pays $11.5 Million to Race Pimp

Like all good race pimps, Google packaged their efforts as social reform.

Google Pays, #KevinJacksonThe Google philanthropic division wants the money to fund efforts to uncover racial disparities in policing and the criminal-justice system.

According to USA Today:

“It’s hard to measure justice,” says Phillip Atiba Goff, the center’s co-founder and president. “In policing, data are so sparse and they are not shared broadly. The National Justice Database is an attempt to measure justice so that people who want to do the right thing can use that metric to lay out a GPS for getting where we are trying to go. That’s really what we see Google as being a key partner in helping us do.”

So far Google pays out to various groups such as:
  • $1 million to the Equal Justice Initiative, a nonprofit focused on confronting past injustices, including America’s history of lynchings and unequal treatment of people of color;
  • $5 million to the Center for Policing Equity to build a national database that tracks police departments’ use of force and traffic stops;
  • $1 million to Impact Justice, an organization that focuses on keeping juveniles out of the criminal-justice system; and
  • $1.5 million to Measures for Justice to build a web system to show how local municipalities treat people based on gender, color, age, etc.

Frankly, I’m anxious to see the look on Google’s faces when the report comes back different than the narrative. The only way these stats look good is if the company researching them lies through its politically-correct teeth.

Google Racial Irony

Ironically, Google has a horrible record on racial equality.

Hispanics make up 3% of Google employees, while blacks comprise 2% of the company.

Further, in addition to being racist in their hiring, Google is also sexist. Seven of ten Google employees are male.

Maybe Google should invest their fortune in figuring out why minorities don’t work for the tech giant. That would require Google to point the finger of blame at the Left.

They could begin with the education system, a caste system where minorities attend “community college,” while elitist leftists send their children to Ivy League schools. And what of the poor education given at the primary and secondary levels? Minority children are no longer encouraged to enter STEM classes because they are ill-prepared for these higher paying, higher achieving degrees.

Education is so bad for minority students, administrators and teachers cheat to get them through a crappy system.

Yet, does Google show interest in helping right these “Lefts?”

Sadly, Google seems more interested in proving police are excessive in their violence–the narrative. For police to be excessive in their violence would mean that police must interact with minorities more. Interestingly, that is indeed the case. So let’s ask ourselves “Why?”

These interactions are not because the police target blacks. They happen because blacks make themselves targets by committing more crimes, per capita.

What Google is doing is merely propaganda. Catering to the politically-correct world established by leftists. No problems will be solved by this look into police behaviors. But the results, if unbiased, should help Google understand that the problem is not the police, it’s Google and people who think like them.


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