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Husband KNOCKS OUT 3 Thugs Who Attacked His Wife [VIDEO]

Too bad there aren’t more people willing to stand on principle, regardless of the odds.

This man certainly did, when three thugs attacked his wife while they walked on Broadway in NYC.

The action was caught on camera, and narrated by a pretty funny play-by-play guy.

You can see in the video as the man is already incensed by what just happened.

Though we don’t know what instigated the incident, we do know the outcome.

These days, one rarely knows what sets people off. When you are surrounded by Leftists, it’s best to be on guard 24/7.

This young man apparently was on guard, as one by one, he goes after the thugs.

As the video shows, when somebody tosses him his hat back, one of the thugs uses the opportunity to try a sucker punch. Seeing this, the man’s wife steps in, and the thug grabs her hair and tosses the woman to the ground.

This enrages the husband more, and he goes after the man who had just hit his wife, and they go at it. The man knocks the thug down twice, when the police finally show up.

Thankfully there were many bystanders who vouched for the young Romeo. The best part of the story is he doesn’t have to make up his fight story, as it was captured on video and played on national TV.

As for the three punks, well their story is much different. They could brag that they were on the big screen. However there are no props for getting your ass kicked in one of the marquee cities in the world, and then put on blast on national TV.

People wonder why President Trump has so much unwavering support. All you have to do is watch this video.

President Trump sees what’s wrong with this country and he reacts. No hesitancy, just action. How refreshing that is, no matter where you see it.

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