Ridiculous College Snowflake Experience Caught on Camera

Ridiculous College Snowflake Experience Caught on Camera

Filmmaker Dylan Hancook wrote and directed this video about his college experience.

The University of Michigan student participated in Spotlight’s 48 hour iPhone competition. So, he decided to lampoon the college snowflake experience.

The sketch is based on Dylan’s experience with his college professors, and showcase the beginning of each class.

At the start of every class, the professors would take attendance.

Dylan noticed all his teachers seemed to do this in the same way; the politically correct way.

Thus, he decided to take a funny approach to the daily task and created these ridiculous characters in his sketch comedy.

Sadly, this parody showcases the true state of American colleges and universities. The Millennial generation has been called snowflakes, as they melt under the first sign of heat.

However, in the politically correct world in which we now live, USA Today wanted to provide a bit more context on the term:

Apparently a snowflake is not just a little white speck of a winter flurry that we wish for on Christmas day. Lately the term has been used as a slang insult, often used in a derogatory way to suggest that people — often, but not always, young people — who take offense to anything from political policy changes to offensive comments are as weak and vulnerable as a speck of snow.

But the slang term isn’t new — and its use has evolved quite a bit.

In Missouri in the 1860s, a “snowflake” was a person who was against the abolition of slavery, according to Merriam-Webster.

Snowflakes during that time period valued white people over black people and wanted slavery to continue after the Civil War.

That’s right, America. To call someone a showflake is to invoke slavery and the lack of civil rights.

Thus, to be a snowflake in the 1800s, you would be a warrior for freedom!

Nice try, Leftists. I suggest they look up the word “fag” and its use back in the day.

Words change meanings mostly to suit the whims of the Left, but a snowflake is a snowflake. And Dylan Hancock didn’t just document snowflake, he showed the origin of the flakes.

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