INCREDIBLE: Media Calls This A ‘Crowd of Rowdy People’ (VIDEO)

INCREDIBLE: Media Calls This A ‘Crowd of Rowdy People’ (VIDEO)

Only in Leftist America would the media dismiss such a blatant act of terrorism.

While Leftists claimed that Trump supporters were provoking violence all over the country, Leftists were actually committing violence all over the country.

These cowards will only attack, when they have numbers. As many threats as I get, no Leftist has EVER come at me one on one. Smart move for them, as I vow to put them in the morgue.

However when these clowns are in a group, they feel empowered to bully anybody who doesn’t believe as they do. The media practically ignores this.

Thus, we report another incident of black on white crime has occurred. It’s a crime that while condone by Obama, won’t be tolerated by the Right any longer.

Trump Supporters Attacked

Last week on February 25, about a dozen black terrorists savagely attacked two white males outside of Elsa’s Kettering Sports Grill, a restaurant located in a suburb of Dayton OH.

As the mob attacked the first victim, one of his assailants screamed anti-Donald Trump statements.

As a good Samaritan, Lee Jackson attempted to help, he was pinned down to the ground, and then punched in the face numerous times and placed on the top of a car hood.

Due to injuries sustained from the attack, Jackson was admitted to the hospital and suffered a fractured eye socket. The ultimate result of his injuries is unknown.

As one site reported:

Channel 2 in Dayton tried downplaying the attack by saying it was simply a crowd of rowdy people.

Channel 7 only called it a fight and an altercation. Despite the fact that this was clearly a hate crime. It is unknown if the perpetrators have been arrested and charged with anything.


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