READY TO LAUGH: Video of Iran’s ELITE “Special” Forces in Action

READY TO LAUGH: Video of Iran’s ELITE “Special” Forces in Action

Iran has some “special” forces indeed.

As a practitioner of the arts, I can tell you that you want to be really sure of a technique before you actually use it.

Watch as this well-trained Iranian combatant goes at it with a DUMMY!

In their defense, I know the Iranians have some tough hombres. All special forces around the world are fairly well-trained.

One of my Army Ranger friends had a run-in with a mean-spirited special forces Iraqi who felt that his skills were better than my students. This particular Iraqi seemed to have a chip on his soldier about the Rangers (and other military).

Anyway, the two were merely conversing about training and techniques, when suddenly, the Iraqi sucker-punched my friend. The Iraqi’s sucker-punch damn near knocked him out.

I was told by him and others in his unit, that the punch caused my friend’s eyes to roll back in his head.

I’ve been punched like that a couple of times. Trust me, if you’re not trained for to take the hit, it’s lights out usually.

Nevertheless, my friend managed to “pay the light bill,” though he was undoubtedly phased.

Next however, the Iraqi did what he was supposed to do. He kept attacking. He was going to prove his point, though cowardly. The rule of combat is once committed, stay committed.

As my buddy recovered, he fended off the skilled Iraqi with excellent ground skills. He took a lot of punishment, however he finally managed to subdue him with some slick combat Jiu Jitsu, and choke him out. And I do mean out.

The Iraqi learned to respect the Army Rangers. After all, if you sucker-punch a guy and still can’t win, you need to show respect.

For the record, my friend said he’d never been hit harder.



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