LEFT PERTURBED: President Trump Visited 4th Graders and Said This

How could Trump ask kids this question?

LEFT PERTURBED: President Trump Visited 4th Graders and Said This

LEFT PERTURBED: President Trump Visited 4th Graders and Said This
Trump inspires Florida students

President Trump has begun assessing education in America. LEFT PERTURBED: President Trump visited 4th Graders and said this. He asked the kids, “What do you want to be?” How racist, homophobic, xenophobic, and misogynistic!

In typical Trump fashion, he began with the best, visiting one of the top schools in Florida. For the leftists, I remind you that Trump won the state of Florida, Michigan, and Pennsylvania; but I digress

I love knowing the school has now removed all the Obama paraphernalia, and the federal buildings are following suit. Trump’s legacy of achievements is now replacing Obama’s failures.

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Watching the president interact with the kids was priceless. Of course, the fact that Trump is the person interacting with these kids has the left perturbed.

Though a bit stilted at first, you can see that the president got his stride. Eventually, he will begin impacting these children in active and unimaginable ways.

The fact that a self-made billionaire-turned-president encouraged them is a memory they will never forget. And the memory is not about Trump being anything other than himself and his ability to inspire is unquestionable.

Trump Education: Contrast This with Obama.

LEFT PERTURBED: President Trump Visited 4th Graders and Said This
                                                                                             Obama left the whole nation wanting.

The hoopla over the first “black” president was as empty as the achievements of the man himself.

He’d accomplished nothing, except to fake America into believing he was competent. His ascension was smoke and mirrors, and his performance matched it.

Undoubtedly some black children likely felt even more empowered that they could become president, having seen a black president. Nevertheless, I can speak from my personal experiences, being a student in the ’60s, and I always thought I could be president.

The Left hates that Trump gets to undo all the racist and politically correct nonsense of the Obama administration when it comes to education. The president’s focus will not be on race and religion, but the real preparation of these children for the future.

Imagine an America where we fine-tuned each child’s hopes and dreams, instead of the cookie-cutter education system that has created a conveyor belt of ignorance. And it’s far worse for blacks, as we call schools, “failure factories.” If you don’t like that term, then try “Prison Prep.”

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