FRAUD Filmmaker Jason Pollock SHOUTS DOWN Martha MacCallum

FRAUD Filmmaker Jason Pollock SHOUTS DOWN Martha MacCallum

Jason Pollock is a fraud. Just another white guy trying to profiteer on the backs of blacks.

This so-called additional footage of Ferguson couldn’t be more a scam, unless he labeled it “global climate change.”

He got into a shouting match with FOX News’ Martha McCallum, as the lie of his film gets exposed.

Here is the pretext

The film, “Stranger Fruit,” is directed by Jason Pollock, and includes never-before-seen security camera footage from the Ferguson Market, where police have claimed Brown committed a robbery before his death. Pollock, 35, says the robbery never happened, and the video shows Brown engaging in a drug deal with the store’s employees.

The video was recorded about 1 a.m. on August 9, 2014. Another surveillance video recording from the Ferguson Market showed Brown in the store again about 11:50 p.m. that same day. Police said he stole a box of cigars from the store during that second trip to the store, but Pollock, in the documentary, argues that no robbery occurred, it was part of a barter deal struck during Brown’s first stop at the market. Brown was fatally shot about noon after leaving the store.

This is a completely absurd notion, but Pollock needs to sell this film.

The bad news is St. Louis District Attorney may pee in Pollock’s punch bowl, when he releases the full video.

St. Louis County District Attorney Robert McCulloch will be releasing the full surveillance video and said at a press conference it does not change the case at all. He said the video was already known to investigators. McCulloch said the footage in the documentary was “poorly edited,” and it was a “pathetic attempt” by the filmmaker.

I can’t wait for this fraud to be exposed. The Ferguson Effect will go down in history as one the Democrats greatest scams.


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