LEFTIST LUNACY: Democrat Senator Says ‘Trump Will Resign’

LEFTIST LUNACY: Democrat Senator Says ‘Trump Will Resign’

The Democrats’ survival mechanism revolves around the hope that President Trump resigns.

I remember this well, as most Conservatives hoped openly for Obama’s failures. He obliged, yet he remained president for 8 years. 8 grueling years.

Obama survived scandal after scandal mostly due to a complicit media. But Obama also benefitted from supporters who are as deranged as he, so much so they overlooked all his many frailties.

These statements by Feinstein came after a highly classified meeting with FBI Director, James Comey. Feinstein met curbside with protesters, and you can see the police she so despises were close at hand.

One protester told the senator that she “looked white as a ghost” after she after leaving the meeting with Comey, allegedly about Russia. Racism aside, the reason Feinstein was as “white as a ghost” was the revelation that Democrats have NO EVIDENCE against President Trump.

Further, Comey likely explained to Feinstein that he’s looking for a JOB! I predict Comey doesn’t last the year, for those willing to throw down a few shekels to go against me?

When the protesters asked Feinstein what Democrats plan to do to oust the president, she declared that Trump will probably resign, so they may not have to do anything.

Wishful thinking.

I love that the Left wish to spend their time on these snipe hunts. Trump brushes them off like dust on silk. In the end, it will be many Leftists who burn in the fire of their own creation. Trump is going nowhere in terms of leaving the presidency, and each day gets stronger.

As for Feinstein, keep in mind that some of the protesters were protesting her and the crooked deal that involves her husband. She tried to ignore it, but she can’t hide forever.


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