Black Leftist Reporter FIRED: Created FRAUDULENT New Sources and MORE

Black Leftist Reporter FIRED: Created FRAUDULENT New Sources and MORE

As the Fake News is famous for, when all else fails, create the story. Juan Thompson certainly made headlines buzz with his recent bomb threats.

Thompson worked as a reporter for The Intercept. Apparently he was fired when proof was discovered that his sources were fraudulent. As Robert Feder reported,

Juan ThompsonA former Chicago journalist has been linked to a “pattern of deception” involving fabricating quotes and creating fake email accounts while writing for The Intercept, a New York-based online publication.

Juan Thompson, whose employment as a staff reporter for The Intercept ended last month, previously worked as an intern at Chicago Public Media WBEZ FM 91.5 and at Chicago. (In his bio, he exaggerated his roles with both Chicago companies.)

On Tuesday, Betsy Reed, editor of The Intercept, posted a note to readers disclosing that an investigation into Thompson’s reporting found numerous instances of quotes attributed to people who said they were never interviewed or whose identities could not be confirmed.

But that wasn’t Thompson’s only problem.

As it turns out, Thompson was the culprit who phoned in several bomb threats to Jewish venues.

The threats were made to Jewish Community Centers, Jewish schools and Jewish museums around the country. In addition to be anti-Semitic, Johnson also dabbled in cyberstalking.

The FBI arrested 31-year old Juan Thompson in St. Louis.

The criminal complaint states that Juan Thompson used his ex-girlfriend’s name in many of the threats he made by phone and email. Perhaps Johnson felt if she can’t be with him, then she should be in jail. Nothing is surprising when it comes to what Leftists call “men.”

According to Alex Pfeiffer of The Daily Caller:

The criminal complaint references a tweet from Thompson that said, “Know any good lawyers? Need to stop this nasty/racist [white girl] I dated who sent a bomb threat in my name & wants me to be raped in jail.”

“I’m been tormenting by an anti-semite named Francesca Rossi,” the account also tweeted. “She works for [Housing and Services inc]. She sent an antijewish bomb threat in my name. Help.”

Thompson also tweeted about the Jewish Community Center threats as recently as this past week. “Another week, another round of threats against Jewish ppl. In the middle of the day, you know who’s at a JCC? Kids. KIDS,” the former reporter wrote Monday.

He also tweeted, “[Trump] is not insane. That’s a slur against ppl who actually suffer w/mental health issues. He is simply a racist/sexist/capitalist monster.”

Dozens of Jewish Community Center bomb threats have occurred throughout the country since Trump’s election. And Leftists have repeatedly attacked Trump and blamed him for what’s happening. But yet again we get the real news about the fake news.

Trump condemned the threats. However he also noted that “sometimes it’s the reverse, to make people — or to make others — look bad.”

Ain’t that the truth, especially when it comes to Leftists.


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