Watch What These Muslims Do to an American Food Staple [VIDEO]

Watch What These Muslims Do to an American Food Staple [VIDEO]

It seems that the “religion of peace” has no work ethic, when it comes to the safety of our food.

Muslim workers at this Heinz facility are seen throwing rotten tomatoes into the good batch.

How’s that for “quality control”?

I’m not sure who runs Human Resources at this facility, but I suspect it’s the same people vetting Muslims in America’s “Refugee Resettlement” program.

How disgusting that anybody would do this to our food source.

Since Heinz ketchup is not halal, no danger of a Muslim ingesting bacteria and who knows what else.

According to the Daily Info, this incident happened in Cairo, Egypt.

The food processing company Heinz is back peddling after a video taken in one of their factories went viral. Unfortunately for them, a few Muslims decided to simply ignore the rules of the facility, and now, consumers are fuming after seeing what the Islamists put in a machine that would eventually crank out countless bottles of ketchup to be distributed across several countries.

The incident allegedly took place just outside of Cairo, , where Heinz owns and operates a factory to distribute their world-renowned ketchup. As if the fact that 88% of the population in the country are wasn’t enough to determine that the factory workers were members of the Islamic religion, the head coverings they were seen wearing in the video certainly is.

Any chance this is related to the state-side issues Heinz experienced with Muslims?

As Jihad Watch reports:

Isn’t it interesting how often these things happen in the Minneapolis area: it was at the Minneapolis/St.Paul International Airport that Muslim cab drivers tried a few years back to stop carrying passengers who had alcohol. It was in Minneapolis Target stores that Muslim cashiers refused to handle pork products. There have been other such incidents. And now this, which is yet another attempt to assert the primacy of Islamic laws and practices over American business practices and customs. Note also the involvement of Hamas-linked CAIR.

Heinz has bent over backward to accommodate these Muslim workers already: they have two prayer rooms. They just don’t want them leaving work to pray outside of scheduled break times. Oh, the Islamophobia of it all!

“Heinz, Islamic workers headed to mediation,” by Steve Alexander in the Star Tribune, August 9 (thanks to JSF):

And you can bet these Muslims have done far worse to our food. So, just add this to the list of things people do who hate America.

Check out these Liberals, and ask me why I only eat at places where I can see my food prepared?

How about how people now treat our men and women in blue?

You know these are Leftists. No self-respecting Conservative would do this.

These are the things Leftists do because they are butt-hurt; no matter the reason.

So when Leftists pretend that their actions are humane, show them this. If they say they are tolerant, YELL at them that they are far from tolerant.

Leftists are vile creatures, subhuman at best. The things they do put people in harm’s way.


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