General Mattis More Aligned With Obama Than President Trump

General Mattis More Aligned With Obama Than President Trump

Secretary of Defense James Mattis presents a problem for President Trump.

Though the man is undoubtedly a “devil dog”, he contradicts President Trump on several key foreign policy and military issues.

President Trump has already relented to the former Marine General on his views on enhanced interrogations. But more exist.

General Mattis completely breaks from the president in his support for a US-led NATO. And, this includes placing US troops in Eastern Europe. No harm, no foul, as NATO will soon have to pull its own weight. Further, a NATO-led military would likely fall under American authority. So, if that were the only discrepancies, we might overlook any concerns.

Where President Trump seems willing to work with Russia, Mattis believes Vladimir Putin is a threat to US security.

Even though Mattis opposes the Ayatollah-led government in Tehran he supports President Obama’s Iranian nuclear deal. 

In a very Leftist move, Mattis favors placing of women into key combat roles. Further, Mattis opposed President Trump’s travel restrictions, on Muslims from countries with terrorist ties.

Next, Mattis believes climate change is real. And like Obama, Mattis believe climate change is a threat to national security.

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