McCain CAUGHT: Backroom Meetings with Democrats

McCain CAUGHT: Backroom Meetings with Democrats

Senator John McCain cannot be trusted…as a Republican.

The self-proclaimed “maverick” spends more time boot-licking Democrats, than satisfying his own constituents.

John McCain PresidentMcCain is Republican for convenience, then he promptly reminds us where his real loyalty lies.

In his bid to remain tied with that chick Lindsey Graham as “Least Popular Republican,” and receive the coveted RINO of the Year Award, McCain may be doing the unthinkable…again.

BizPacReview reports that Republican Sen. John McCain is in conversations with Senate Democrats about the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

McCain Caught?

Is McCain acting as a mediator, reaching across the aisle as he always claims to do? Or is he in cahoots.

Recently the Republicans received the confirmation of two Democrats defectors who will now support Judge Gorsuch.

Could McCain try to broker something for himself in exchange for supporting the Democrats? Sadly, we can’t be sure.

Reports circulated by Bloomberg Politics that McCain is trying to avoid confirmation showdown next week. Should the Democrats successfully filibuster Gorsuch’s nomination, Republicans might invoke the nuclear option, returning to majority rule.

McCain told The Daily Caller,

“No I’m not reaching out to the Democrats…I’ve had conversations with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle. That’s all. There’s no gang. There’s no negotiations. Just having some conversations. No deal. No negotiations.”

Should Conservatives trust McCain? Honestly, it would be difficult for him to go against Gorsuch, so the likelihood is this is business as usual. However, as Reagan would say, “Trust but verify.”

The unfortunate political situation for Conservatives is that we have far too many uncommitted Republicans. These people want to pick and choose when they side with righteousness.

I commented earlier on this subject that Republicans should make it clear to the Democrats that they have no problem invoking the political nuclear option.

You can bet that President Trump is following this story, ready to step in to show the Republicans the art of the deal.

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